Remember the adage, “don’t judge a book by its cover?” Human nature continually ignores this one little nugget of wisdom, especially when it comes to real estate.

People make initial judgments on something based solely on visual appearance. First impressions, indeed, make a lasting appeal despite our knowledge to the contrary.

Nowhere is this truer than with buyers viewing your house for the first time. Most people will make quick judgments on whether your home is worth taking a second look based solely on the aesthetics of your outdoor façade.

A chunk of this would be your front lawn, so it is essential to keep up the appearance of your front curb–even during the winter. 

Here are some handy tips for a manicured winter landscape:

1. Clean your lawn and curb

It is probably the easiest way to increase your curb appeal. Rake up any stray leaves on your lawn, especially if you have lots of trees around. Consider applying sealant on your driveway to prevent excess oil from soaking into the surface.

During the winter, you should also consider regularly clearing your front yard of snow and debris. You never know when a potential buyer might be strolling past the property.

2. Beautify your front lawn, even in winter

Making your lawn beautiful is vital for customer appeal. In a non-winter climate, always keep your grass well-trimmed and the bushes pruned. You also need to weed occasionally.

Admittedly, spicing up your lawn is harder to do in winter, but there are simple measures available to accomplish significant improvements. Consider using colored mulch or gravel to decorate your front lawn and plant beds. You can also put in artificial plants to vary the color to break the white façade of the snow. 

3. Work on your front porch

After the lawn, your front porch would be the next feature to garner the most attention. Make sure it’s worthy.

  • Applying a fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to achieve quick results. It will give your home a “new house” feel and make it more vibrant. 
  • Add lighting fixtures and repair dilapidated address signs. 
  • Install a new mailbox if your old one looks rusty. 
  • If parts of your front door are in a state of disrepair, repair it quickly.

4. Do a little cleaning on your garage.

Garages tend to be the most disorganized area of your home. Since they’re technically part of your front of the house, having a dirty and cluttered garage does the rest of your house a significant disservice.

Instantly stand out from other home sellers by organizing your garage and cleaning it thoroughly. 

  • Remove any oil marks and dirt from the floor. 
  • Scrub the walls. 
  • Tools and other items should be neatly categorized and stored. 
  • If you have an excessive amount of materials in there, consider a separate shed in your backyard as a storage unit.

Remember, a spacious garage is appealing to buyers and will do wonders for raising the overall value of your house. 

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