We all know that spring is the best time to acquire that dream home you’ve always wanted. Birds are returning to the nests, the grass is free of snow, and people are enjoying the warmth of the sunshine.

Many buyers are also looking for new homes before the next school year.

During springtime, homes on sale sprout on real estate listings like flowers on a tree, making it the busiest time for home sellers. Home ads are everywhere, and homebuyers have plenty of options.

The biggest inventories appear in May and April, followed closely by June, so spring is a productive time in the real estate industry.

Families with children tend to put their homes up for sale as soon as possible to beat the return to school, just in time for Labor Day. Buyers also love to move into new homes during this time so that they have enough time to spruce it up. You’ll often see people landscaping and improving the new home’s curb appeal during spring.

You should buy a home ahead of June because home prices skyrocket as the month breaks. Competition stiffens in June and July, and you need to avoid the summer glut.

That is what makes springtime a magical time to find your dream home. Don’t be indecisive; when you spot your dream home, make an offer.

Do you want to stay on top of your game? Here are three tips for the spring real estate rush:

Hire an agent

The real estate business tends to be local.

A local agent will help you find your dream home quickly as they know the local market inside out. Professionals, like the agents at Team Couch, have seen it all and know thousands of homes.

Make sure you’re completely open by giving the agent every feature you desire in a home. Agents also have connections and the inside scoop for upcoming listings that may satisfy your tastes.

Shop around

Don’t get duped into buying expensive property.

A comparative market analysis from your agent will help you determine the actual value that the market will accept.

Do not assume the selling price of homes in the local market is the final sale value, though. In most cases, the real price is never displayed.

If you have bought the home you wanted at a margin of $1000, don’t pass on it. Your home is a long-term investment, so paying $1000 extra won’t hurt in five to ten years as the home value appreciates.

Stick to your goal

It’s a jungle out there, and you will see many homes and sellers from every corner of the neighborhood. Each one will sweet talk you into buying their homes, so don’t be swayed from your goals.

Focus on your parameters, and go with your instincts. Seeing your dream home will be love at first sight, so don’t be afraid to act as it feels right. It’s wise to strike a balance between caution and impulse, and an agent will help to keep you accountable.

Buying a home in spring is an ideal time to realize your dream of becoming a homeowner. Approach a local real estate agent at Team Couch and tell them what you want in a home. They’ll present you with options and help you compare potential new homes.

Team Couch