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Tunica is the heartbeat (county seat) of the County of Tunica, located in Mississippi. The town is situated next to the Mississippi River. It lies between the traditional ‘Blues Highway’ and the Mississippi River’s eastern bank. The town is popular for the ‘Sugar Ditch Alley’ neighborhood, a deprived area; it obtained the name from an open sewer based in the area.

Previously the most impoverished locality in the US, the town has improved over the years. Its gambling resort area is the backbone of its economy. Many locals work in the town’s casinos and immigrants have seen the town grow. Tourists to the nearby West Memphis, the Southeast and Arkansas areas are lured to Tunica by the vibrant casinos.

Succeeding Commerce, Peyton and Austin as Tunica County’s seat, the town is now ranked 4th as the county seat. The city has a land area of 0.7 square miles or 1.8km2.

The city is home to nine casino resorts acting as tourist attraction sites. At one point, the Tunica Resorts (previously known as Robinsonville) were ranked third in revenue generation from gambling, after Atlantic City in New Jersey and Las Vegas in Nevada. However, competition in the city’s gambling industry has grown significantly over years, with casinos springing up in other areas.

The name ‘Tunica’ was often used by the resorts and this resulted in the use of ‘Tunica Resorts’ for tourists to easily find their way to these casinos in Tunica.


Tunica has a population of 1,132 according to the 2000 census. The city has 537 households, 592 housing units and a population density of 830 in every square mile. With a median age of 46 years, Tunica has a household median income of $26,607.


The Tunica School District serves the city. It is home to many public and private elementary, high school and tertiary institutions. The Tunica Elementary School, Tunica Academy, Rosa Fort High School and Tunica Middle School are some of the institutions serving the city’s need for education.

Why Invest in Homes for Sale in Tunica?

Tunica is an unincorporated community and county seat. It’s a small city with fast growth and a stable economy boosted by the gambling industry. It is served by good infrastructure and has important social amenities. Good roads, a railroad system, airports such the Tunica Municipal Airport and water transport on the Mississippi River ensure that residents can easily move from one place to another. Goods can also be moved from one point to another. Increased immigration to the city means there’s a rising need for new homes in Tunica.

Tunica is home to some of the best public and private schools where residents can have their children get education. Whether your children are in elementary, high school or tertiary education level, there’s a school in Tunica for them. The University of Memphis and University of Mississippi are accessible from the city. The city is also home to people from different backgrounds, making it multi-ethnic hence an ideal residential community.

Crime and unemployment rates in Tunica are low. The city enjoys a humid subtropical climate with mild to cool winters and hot to humid summers (temperatures as high as 900F). Incidence of natural disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes is very low in the area (lower than the US average). Baptist Memorial, Region One Mental Health Center, Gamma Healthcare Inc., Tunica Medical Center and Helena Regional Medical Center are some of the top hospitals serving the city.

The city booms with great entertainment spots (hotels and restaurants, casinos, Veteran’s Park, etc.) to unwind during your free time. With an average commute time of 30 minutes, you don’t have to worry about getting to work late. What’s more, you can invest in at least one of the many neighborhoods with modern real estate for sale in Tunica.

The charming delta community also booms with shops such as antique and boutique stores, among others, making it a vibrant shopping destination.

4 Ways to Know Whether Your Real Estate Agent in Tunica has Your Back

A good realtor gives you the support you need from the point where you start searching for (or list) a property to buy (or sell) to the point when you close sales. Although every realtor needs to have a client’s interests first, you might just want to know whether yours has your back.

Look out for these 4 things in your realty agency to find out.

Making Frequent Calls

A Tunica residential realty company has your best interests at heart if they call, email or message you regularly. The agent should keep you updated with the latest information as they come in by constantly communicating with you. Reconsider your choice if you’re the one who’s always reaching out to the real estate agent or they barely communicate.

Working with a Limited Number of Customers

Real estate marketing, transactions, relations with clients and negotiations can take a toll on a realty provider. Ensure you’re getting a fair part of the deal by checking that your realtor isn’t overloaded with customers. During interviews with your Tunica real estate agent, be up front and ask the number of clients the agency is representing at that particular moment.

This information can help you gauge whether the realty provider is in a position to offer you the attention you deserve or not.

Counseling Services

Your realtor should guide you in the property sale or buying process. They should be able to eliminate your doubts, answer your questions and even guide your decisions. If you feel the support you’re getting is insufficient, consider hiring a different agent.

Open Houses and Local Home Tours

When selling your Tunica property, open houses come in handy. Your real estate agent should hold open houses to attract potential buyers. However, if you need buy Tunica property for sale, a good realtor should take you on home tours to viewer prospective homes or present you property listings that match your needs for a home.

Other than choosing an estate agent to help you make informed buying decisions, you need to prepare for your relocation once you buy the right property. You need to have the right identification and travel documents if moving from outside the U.S. Also, ensure that your VISA is ready before relocating to your new property in Tunica in case you aren’t a US citizen or resident.

Whether you want to invest in the Tunica real estate or sell your property, go for an agent or broker that has your back and best interests at heart. The services of a moving company might also come in handy for your relocation needs.

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