According to some polls, May is expected to be one of the best months to sell your home.  The school year is wrapping up and people begin dreaming about the perfect new home.  Having worked with numerous clients, we have the knowledge and experience it takes to help clients make their property appear attractive to potential buyers. Here are a few tips to selling your Desoto County home!

Tip #1 – Price Your Home Right

Overpricing a home is the biggest mistake you can make when listing your home.  If overpriced, a home will sit on the market until you start to drop the price.  That will lead people to think there may be something wrong with the home.  Pricing a home right the first time can help you sell your home quickly.

Tip #2 – Choose The Right Time To List Your Property

We have been working in this market for years and years, and we are well aware of the trends that work in favor of sellers. Based on our experience, we help our clients sell their property at the right time.

Tip #3 – Set The Right Expectations With Your Home

You may think your home will sell within days of listing it, but it may take longer than that.  Setting clear expectations with your agent will keep you from feeling disappointed when things are progressing as you think they should be.

Tip #4 – Depersonalize Your Home

Remove any personal items in your home that could make a potential buyer feel uncomfortable.  Take down pictures of your family, personalized door hangers, and any trinkets that would distract a buyer from visioning themselves in your home.

Tip #5 – Choose The Right Real Estate Agent

One of the primary factors that make Team Couch one of the most trusted names in real estate is that we understand that every detail matters. From the way you should estimate the value of a home to the moment you should list your property, we help you make the right decision to ensure the highest price possible.

Over the years, our experience has helped us acquire exceptional market forecast capabilities. Based on indicators that impact the real estate market, we can offer advice about selling your home. As a result, you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Team Couch