Selling your home can be tricky. However, it can go smoothly if you know a few pro tips. In the fast moving world we live in, there are numerous properties up for sale all the year round. The local competition can make it extremely difficult for you to sell your home. However, if you know a few industry secrets, you can increase your chances of selling your property.

Here are the top secrets to selling your home!

Secret 1: The Price Is Right.

Price is, arguably, the biggest factor when trying to sell a house. If you want to attract buyers, you should consider what your home is worth and figure out what you are willing to sell it for. A lower priced home in a desirable neighborhood may cause an influx of interest in your home, potential bringing a faster sell.  A higher asking price may take you a little longer to find the right buyer. 

Secret 2: What (or How Much) Is In Your Closet?

In today’s materialistic world, potential buyers are always on the lookout for ample storage space. If you want to entice buyers, you should create more space in the closet by removing at least half of your stuff in the closet and neatly organizing the rest. It is important for you to clear the clutter and keep all the closets and cabinets clean and tidy when the buyers are looking at your home. 

Secret 3: Let The (Natural) Light Shine

You can maximize the overall value of your home by making it look as bright and open as possible. When showing your home, you should increase the light in your home. You can achieve this by enhancing the natural light of your home. Open the blinds, clean your windows and replace any thick dark drapes with light-colored, lightweight alternatives. You can also let more sunshine into your home by taming the bushes outside.

Secret 4: Hire A Pro

When searching for real estate agents, you should hire an agent that is familiar with your area and that understands what is happening in your real estate market.  It is also important that the agent understands the more “techie” side of the real estate industry.  These days, potential homebuyers are turning to the Internet to start their search for properties.  You want to ensure that your home can be easily found online.  Listing your home is just a small piece of the real estate transaction and it is important to have a knowledgable representative to assist you along the way!

Secret 5: Touch-up (Not Makeover) Your Home.

Quick-fixes are always a must when selling your house.  Addressing minor repairs can get you the best offer from a buyer. You should fix the leaking faucet and clean the dirty kitchen walls before showing the house to potential buyers. However, it is not necessary for you to do a complete makeover of the house before selling your property. Depending on the renovation, you may not get your investment back. Instead, you should focus on the less expensive upgrades. You can replace the door knobs, put a fresh paint on your front door and make sure your closet doors are functional.  By handling these small fixes, potential buyers won’t be concerned about work that will need to be done to the home.  

Team Couch