One essential task of renovating your kitchen is finding a countertop that you love. However, if you want to keep on trend, it may be time to give up the obsession with granite and marble. Those styles are out, and instead, there are some new types of materials that are more desirable for kitchen countertops. But which one should you choose?

What’s The Most Popular?
The stable favorite for this year is going to be quartz, as it’s one of the most low maintenance materials. Overall, Houzz reported that at least 43% of homeowners stated that they were going to use quartz for their renovated kitchen countertops. However, you can compare the other 34% who reported that they’d go with the traditional granite.

But doesn’t that sound like granite would still be in? If we take a closer look at their results from past years, we’ll find that it’s dropped from 45% just in the past two years. At the rates that home kitchens are renovated, you can say that it’s a drastic decrease and that quartz is on the rise.

But What to Choose?
Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference, but we can still give you a better idea of what features to keep an eye out for. First off, granite and quartz are both similarly priced. However, the durability is often what draws people to one over the other. Real granite counters have to be cut from different slabs of rock, which means that they aren’t a singular piece. But quartz is made from composites of quartz and resin, which makes it the superior material.

What About Mixing?
One of the common mistakes we see people make is that they don’t consider composite mixes. Countertops have changed over the past few years, and one possibility is that you can get the same stunning appeal of quartz or granite by investing in a mixture. This not only cuts the price but also raises the durability of your countertops, ensuring that they last a long time.

Use Quartz in Kitchens & Bathrooms
Quartz is also more hygienic than granite countertops. The reason for this is because while granite is a more natural rock, it still contains a very porous structure. The problem with this is that it ends up allowing food, chemicals, and other particles to become trapped within its small crevasses. Ones that you may never be able to clean. That’s why it’s best to choose quartz for kitchens and bathrooms.

But What About Granite?
Well, granite is a very natural and beautiful type of countertop, but we tend to recommend it more for decor. Choose a kitchen table, coffee table, or another surface to be topped with granite. It not only blends better as a centerpiece, but it also adds an artistic touch to your home.

What type of countertops you want for your newly renovated kitchen is your decision. Just remember that once a countertop is installed, it will be a while before you can change it again. If you want to blend in with the latest trend, we recommend going with quartz as its popularity is on the rise. However, if you enjoy the traditional appeal of granite, we won’t hold it against you.

Team Couch