If your home has been on the market for a while, there are a few reasons that it may not be selling.  Everyone thinks that if your home is not selling, then it is overpriced.  However, maybe there is another reason.  Here are our some of our top reasons that homes may not sell as quickly as they should.

Reason #1 – Your Home Is Out Of Date

If your home was built in a different decade, that isn’t a deal breaker.  However, if the finishes of the home reflect the older decades then you may have a problem.  Buyers want older homes to have newer finishes such as granite countertops, updated appliances and new flooring.  If your home doesn’t have newer finishes, then it may be part of your problem.  Consider doing a few upgrade projects to get the offers rolling in!

Reason #2 – Your Home Is Not Photographed Well

These days, people shop online before they go actually look at a home.  If the photography of your home is bad, potential buyers will not take the time to look at your home.  A professional Real Estate Agent can help you get photos of your home that will entice buyers to come have a look for themselves.

Reason #3 – Your Home Has Funny Smells

People are sensitive to smells.  If they walk into your home and it has a funny smell it will be a turnoff to potential buyers.  It is important to not try to cover up the scent with air fresheners.  If your home has an unpleasant odor from pets or some other situation, you should address this before listing your home.  If someone in the home smokes, then it is advised to have the air ducts cleaned and new paint throughout the home.

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