Have you put your home for sale on the real estate market but are not getting great offers? You’re not alone. According to a survey, many homeowners have to settle for price lower than their expectations. With that said, you don’t have to be one of them. You can increase your home’s value.  But there’s an “if” here. You will have to do two things, none too demanding. One, fully understand that listing your home for sale is not enough. Two, you would need to make certain improvements to impress buyers. What are those changes?

Well, that’s the second part and it entails following these tried-and-tested tactics.

Fix up the patio

Does your property have an outdoor living space? If yes, have you paid attention to how does it look?

A deck or patio can help you make a favorable impression on potential buyers even before they put a foot inside. To make the outdoor living space more attractive, upgrade your outdoor furniture by investing in new pillows or cushions, adding a few potted plants, and keeping the grill spick-and-span.

Have the carpets cleaned

Getting the carpets cleaned should be at the top of your to-do list, especially if there are pets in your home. You surely won’t want the prospective buyers to be put off by dog odor as soon as they enter the living space.

On the other hand, if your carpet looks ages old and the flooring underneath is hardwood, it would be best to remove it because buyers would like to check out the floor’s condition anyway.

Give moldings a thorough makeover

In case the moldings are scuffed or chipped, a quick makeover is recommended. The same goes for any walls with stains or scuff marks.

Paint the front door

Freshening up your front door will give your home a more welcoming look. In case the mailbox has lived up its best days, get a fresh one. Additionally, make sure the entryway appears tidy. Welcoming your prospective buyers with clutter is the worst thing you can do. Therefore, remove any soccer cleats lying outside or keys hanging by your front door.

Ensure all mechanics are in top-notch working condition

Naturally enough, buyers would like to inspect a boiler or furnace to ensure it has a few years left in it. Make sure you have these items thoroughly cleaned and checked before list the home for sale.

Remove moss from the roof

If there’s moss on the roof, it will look old. Potential buyers might think it would require replacement and would take this fact into their consideration before making a bid. Thankfully, cleaning moss is easy; the hard part is getting up on the roof.

If you can manage it, all you would need is a scrub brush with a long handle. However, strictly avoid using a pressure washer because the shingles can get damaged if you use it.

In case you think can’t climb up to the roof, hire a local professional service. Cleaning the roof and doing other listed activities are worth the effort and money. That is, if selling your home at a good price is your priority number one.

Team Couch