In the world we live in, there are numerous properties up for sale all the year round. The competition can make it extremely difficult for you to sell your home, regardless of whether your kitchen is big or small. 

Now, it is not all doom and gloom if you have a home with a small kitchen. Tiny spaces aren´t always to be dreaded. There are things you can do to sell a home with a small and compact kitchen. You can find ways to achieve big appeal with a little creativity.

There are people that prefer less space simply because there´s less to clean. If you market your home to the right crowd, you can play up the home´s best features—including, perhaps, a small, quaint, and simple kitchen. Just because your home has a small kitchen doesn´t mean you have to list your property at a lower price.

If you stage the kitchen area properly, the positive aspects of your kitchen will be highlighted and the negatives will be minimized; doing so can considerably reduce the length of time your home sits on the market.

Now, there might be a need for you remodel your kitchen a little bit. Remodeling your kitchen not only improves the visual appeal of your home, it also helps increase the overall value of your home. Regrettably, a remodeling project can be anything but glamorous. After all, remodeling projects require proper planning. If you fail to execute your plans properly, the mistakes can end up costing you dearly.

Anyway, there is nothing to be gained by being pessimistic. So, for now, let´s focus on what you can do to sell a home with a small kitchen.   

Add More Natural Light

In most cases, small kitchens can be dark places. Now, when a room doesn´t get enough natural light, the space can look smaller. So, our goal here is to ensure that the small kitchen in your home gets as much natural light as possible. If you have curtains in your kitchen windows, you should remove them immediately. Instead, you can opt for small blinds that are recessed inside the frame of the window. The small blinds are much easier to clean and they are also well-capable of providing some level of privacy even when they are open.

You can also add more natural light to your home by cleaning your windows and replacing the thick dark drapes with light-colored, lightweight and summertime fabric curtain alternatives. Not only will your house instantly feel more cheery and brighter, you will also extend the view to the outdoors, which will automatically make your space feel larger. It is also possible for you to let more sunshine into your abode by taming the bushes outside.

We would also advise you to paint your cabinets white. White reflects light and helps make space feel much bigger and open.

If it isn´t possible for your kitchen to receive natural light, you should consider adding appealing forms of artificial lighting.

De-clutter The Countertops And The Walls

If you are like most people, you probably let kitchen clutter build up on the walls and countertops. That isn´t the ideal thing to do, especially if you have a small kitchen space. We would strongly advise you to de-clutter the countertops and remove items from the kitchen table and even off the walls. Trust us when we say this—doing so will help your kitchen space appear bigger. Yes, we understand that the items we are imploring you to remove may be of use. But, if a little inconvenience can help you receive a higher offer, wouldn’t the inconvenience be worth the trouble? You should store the excessive appliances in the kitchen cabinets. And, if there isn´t enough space, you can always pack them up. You are planning on moving anyway, aren´t you? 

In addition to that, you should also consider clearing off pictures and miscellaneous papers that are stuck on your kitchen walls or on your fridge door. If you want to give potential buyers the impression that your kitchen is well-capable of accommodating several items, you can also consider mounting storage units to your kitchen walls. However, be careful when you mount storage units; you wouldn’t want to give people the feeling that the walls are closing in on them.

Can You Do Something About the Wall Color In Your Kitchen?

Of course, you should do something about the wall color in your kitchen. Experts agree that lighter colors tend to open up a room. Light and bright colors not only make a room appear bigger, they are also welcoming and friendly. However, if the wall color is too bright for your liking, you can always use darker accent trims to create some contrast. It is even possible for you to decorate your kitchen with different floral arrangements and colorful kitchen appliances. 

Wall-mounted Appliances and Reduced Counter-top Depth

There is no denying the fact that wall-mounted or under-the-cabinets-mounted appliances can save valuable kitchen counter-top space. The subtle change can allow more floor space in a tiny kitchen.  While talking about appliances, we would recommend you to only select high-end brands such as Sub-Zero or another quality brand. Please do keep in mind, appliances sell houses.

Team Couch