Even though Fall is not considered peak real estate season, that doesn’t mean that your home won’t sell in the Fall!  Here are a few tips from Team Couch to help you sell your home during the Fall season.

Improve Your Outdoor Curb Appeal
Curb appeal is important, even in the fall.  To help your home looking great, do some basic yard maintenance.  Mow the lawn, rake up falling leaves, cut back old or dead branches, and add mulch for a fresh look.  Add some fresh flowers to your entryway.  Mums look great during the fall season.  Replace the old, worn out doormat with a new one.

Take Advantage of Natural Light
The days are getting shorter, so it is important to utilize as much natural light as possible.  Make sure your windows are clean and streak-free.  To add more light, think about bringing in some new lamps or switching out bulbs to a higher wattage.

Make Your Home Feel Cozy
If you have a gas or electric fireplace, turn it on to add that cozy feel.  Consider baking a fresh batch of cookies to make your home feel more welcoming.  Add some seasonal accents – but don’t go overboard.  You want the buyer to feel welcome and not overwhelmed!

Selling your home in the fall isn’t a problem with a few helpful tips.  Let Team Couch of Birch Realty Group help you get your home ready to go on the market and get it SOLD.  Contact us today to learn more!




Team Couch