The summer is considered the best time to sell a house in most of the United States. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t sell during the fall months. While fall brings its own challenges to home sellers, it also has some advantages.

During the fall, there’s a smaller inventory of homes for sale. For this reason, the market might favor you since there’s minimal competition—buyers have fewer options. Moreover, although there could be fewer buyers, the buyers that are shopping during the fall months are usually more serious.

That said, here are a few tips to help you sell your home faster in the fall.

Keep the Indoors Cozy

You don’t want a potential buyer to get an unfavorable impression when they enter your cold home. Consider applying a fresh coat of paint to warm it up, in addition to setting the thermostat at a favorable temperature. Allowing sufficient light in by opening the curtains and blinds is also an excellent way to warm up a home.

You can also add a touch of vibrancy to your dull sofa with some orange, red, or golden yellow pillows. Another great idea to add a touch of comfort is by highlighting a particular area of your home with a fall centerpiece. Carefully chosen decorative elements can give a potential buyer the impression that you’ve paid attention to the finer details and taken care of any issues with the home.

Keep the Outdoors Clean

After the warmer months, you want to restore the charm of your front yard to ensure it’s appealing to potential buyers. If you have mature trees, you can make them one of your selling points. Be sure the leaves are picked up, and the yard is well-maintained.

Also, make sure the for-sale sign is prominently displayed. Paint the house numbers clearly, so potential buyers can easily see your address as they’re driving around.   Don’t forget to inspect the roof for any debris that may have fallen on it and clear it as soon as possible.

Create Autumn Curb Appeal

You can achieve this by incorporating autumn flowers such as mums in your garden. Mums are popular because they bloom for a long time. Another excellent choice is the marigolds.

Both marigolds and mums can be found in yellow, a popular home selling color. Consider planting these flowers in pots and place them on the steps as well as along the sidewalk.

Give Your Home a Safety Test

Make sure your home is safe – all around. Walk around the house slowly and take note of any safety issues that need to be fixed. These may include cracks in concrete, missing bricks, burned-out outdoor lights, etc.

Inside your house, look out for architectural defects that could cause injury, sharp corners on furniture and art pieces, as well as burned-out lights. Fix all the problems accordingly. Also, make sure that everything is arranged properly to allow for easy and safe movement in the home.

Sell Your Home This Fall

Typically, the fall season is considered one of the worst times to sell a home. However, don’t let trying to sell your home during this time stress you. Implementing the above tips and working with Team Couch can ensure you have an easy time selling your home any time of year.

Team Couch