Are you ready to show your home, find potential buyers and get it off the market? Find tips for selling your home and showcasing your home below:

1. Detach yourself 

When putting up homes for sale, the first and most important step to a successful listing is to emotionally separate from the house and the objects within it. By letting go of personal property, taking down family photographs and religious items, for instance, will mentally prepare you to sell your Desoto County home and accept buyers in your home.          

Letting go of the emotional connections to the items inside the home encourages objectivity about necessary changes to the home and more open to Realtor and buyer feedback. To ease the process of the sale, embrace the idea that your house is a commodity that needs to be sold, and transfer any emotional connections to a happy place.

During showings, areas such as foyer tables, fireplace mantels, and refrigerator doors should be cleared as they are popular display spots for loads of personal items like holiday cards, children’s artwork, pictures, and trophies.

2. Be Approachable

Letting your personality shine through and being approachable helps buyers identify with you and your home.  Remember that buying a home isn’t only just a financial purchase but also an “emotional” purchase. When putting up homes for sale, realtors recommend that you make the home welcoming. We want the buyer to feel happy in the home and much more confident in buying the property.  This significantly improves your chances to sell your Desoto County Home.

3. Cleanliness is Good

To ensure a lasting impression, the house for sale should be clean. A big scrub leading up to open-house day makes a huge difference: steamed carpets, mopped floors, wiped windows, scoured appliances, shined silverware. On the day of a showing, it’s imperative that one doesn’t overlook little details like a clean kitchen sink or breakfast table, half-full trash cans on display and dust bunnies in rooms that aren’t frequented. Do a quick walk-through with a feather duster, reach into recessed lights and corners of the rooms, straighten the beds in all the rooms, put away shoes on the shoe rack and tuck away pet beds and bowls.

For a more visually added appeal and a more relaxed vibe, switch to new, clean linen.  It’s equally important to wipe down surfaces that people would naturally touch, such as hand rails and items that have inviting textures. People love touching things. Textures have the power to change everything, as they propel people into various good spots in their memories. Candles, shells, leafy houseplants also lend ambiance to the house and give it appeal.

4. Make sure the home smells clean too

Besides a home’s visual appeal, nothing triggers more comments than scents. Comforting smells, like baking bread or brewing coffee, can be appealing to potential buyers. Fresh flowers are highly recommended. Firing up the fireplace in the colder months is a nice touch and keeps guests warm.

Strong spray scents, candles or other products should be avoided. Plug-in air fresheners around your home shouldn’t be left on. Some people are allergic to scents, and it only highlights an odor problem. To combat this simply to open the windows to let in some fresh air.

Also, don’t forget to de-odorize as pet foods, toys, litter boxes, and blankets should be stowed away or taken out of the house during showings so as not to put out your potential buyers.

5. Declutter 

It’s a great idea to get well organized as soon as you put up your home for sale. Architects, designers, and artists are well versed in the simple trick of drawing the eye to something appealing, whether it’s a unique color, the next room or a special view. The aim is to sell the space and proper finishes of the house, therefore knickknacks, toys, small appliances and bath products should be eliminated as they make spaces look smaller. “

Invest in rugs that add warmth and color to the room but during a showing, they could be taken away if they overpower the room or obscure the attractive selling points like beautiful tile work or stunning hardwood floors. Smaller bathrooms, especially small ones, will look bigger without the rugs. Huge master baths tend to look warmer with well-coordinated rugs.

Tablecloths and dish towels should be stored to accentuate a kitchen’s workspace and appliances.

6. Improve traffic flow 

Carefully, walk through each room to determine if the furniture arrangement contributes to a comfortable flow and use of space. One can repurpose pieces from spare rooms to comfortably fill accessorize an area as too little furniture can be worry buyers that furnishing the whole space might be a challenge. Aim to strike a balance between little and more furniture.

7. Light up the House

 No matter what time of day or year, the home’s temperature, lighting, and noise levels should be just right during an open house. Room temperatures should be not too hot and not too cold. Blinds, shades, and drapes should be open, and lights should be on. Dark rooms should be brightened by placing a few spot lights behind furniture.

Don’t forget to let in pleasant ambient sounds, from birds chirping outside to a soothing water feature by leaving doors slightly ajar. Calming music in the background, high enough to hear but low enough to not overwhelm will work wonders.

8. Be strategic about handouts and valuables

Documents about the home, especially with attractive professionally taken photos, should be readily accessible. Property brochures and information of all homes for sale should be preferably located in the foyer area, on a console or table with some fresh flowers. Buyers can pick up that information upon entering or leaving your property.

Whether it’s an invitation-only showing or a large opening for the masses, it’s important to safeguard your valuables, personal information, and sensitive items as you prepare to sell your Desoto County home. Small items like electronics, jewelry should be stowed away in a safe area, financial statements and personal documents should be protected.

9. Encourage buyer feedback

By allowing buyer feedback through questionnaires or just through their comments will provide you with invaluable feedback for future sales.

In summary, with proper preparation of your house and mastery of the above tips for selling your home are guaranteed to edge closer to selling your Desoto County home and impressing your buyers. After all, if the property is right for them, it will sell itself.

Team Couch