Spring is undoubtedly the best time to sell your home. Homes sell like hotcakes because the spring market gets flooded with buyers. Sellers may enjoy high prices due to the excess demand for property, but there will be lots of sellers and lots of homes on sale out there, which may overshadow your listing.

Don’t forget, this is a seasonal market that will end, and it can easily become saturated.

Do you have what it takes to make the most out of the surging demand and ride the home-buying craze? Here’s how to set yourself apart as a home seller:

1)   Make sure the price is right

While buyers flood the market hoping for a good deal, sellers also want to cash in on the properties.

Don’t become greedy and overprice your home—set it carefully. If not, your home may stagnate on the listing, which costs more money over time.

Check the value of property in your municipality or neighborhood and use it to guide you when setting a price level.

2)   Get an agent

Despite aspiring to cut costs and make the most out of it, sellers cannot do this alone.

Agents tend to know the finer details of the market sensitivities, as well as the legal processes behind selling and buying homes in the state. Real estate agents also have vast connections and social media presence, which they use to promote your home to potential buyers.

By working with a reliable agent, you can sell your home quickly at a good price. They will handle the paperwork so you can focus on your core business.

3) Time your listing

Sellers tend to list homes in January and make it available through March.

If you intend to sell your home this spring, but you haven’t listed it yet, go ahead before the window closes. Buyers tend to peruse for their dream homes for months before making their move. On D-Day, you will be able to catch them at their best.

4)   Make improvements that count

Curb appeal should be your top priority.

People love well-maintained trees and shrubs that block direct sunlight and gusts of wind. It has a direct impact on cooling and heating costs, too.

Healthy lawns and flowers also add to your home, so the flick of a paintbrush here and there fixes all the dull spots and makes your home vibrant and appealing. It will make the interior sparkle, too.

5) Time it Right

When selling and buying, timing is key.

  • Figure out whether you will make an offer on another home before selling yours
  • Decide how quickly you need your home to sell
  • Know your area and know what to expect.
  • Work with a trustworthy agent who has significant experience and admirable core values.

The great advantage of the spring market is the sudden surge of buyers willing to make offers for your home, but you still need to make your home stand out for a fighting chance at success.

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