There’s a lot of debate among homeowners and real estate brokers on whether selling your home during the Christmas holidays is a good idea or not.

It is a lot more challenging to find buyers during the festive season. The holidays are when people are busy planning for Christmas, buying gifts, and throwing parties. Snow and sub-zero temperatures aren’t ideal house-hunting conditions, either.

Something to consider: less competition

On the plus side, there’s less competition during the winter season, which provides more opportunities for buyers to view your home. If your home is particularly hard to sell, it might garner more attention when there are fewer options on the market. Nicer homes are generally listed during spring or summer.

Something to consider: market fluctuations

Selling your home during the holidays comes down to your preference and local conditions. Real estate might still be active in your area during winter–or it may not. Your unique situation is the best gauge for the success of failure of a holiday house sale.

Something to consider: cut back on winter decorations

If you are still keen on putting up your house for sale during the holiday season, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of a sale. It might seem counterintuitive, but plenty of sellers might think that decking up their houses makes it more attractive to buyers. It only serves to distract would-be buyers from the finer points of the home, though.

Remember that buyers imagine what the house would like if they owned it. They imagine where the furniture might be and what each room could look like with their items. It is best achieved if the house is as bare and spacious as possible. 

Decor directly works against the buyer’s visualization exercise. If they can’t imagine themselves living in it, they won’t be interested in buying it. If you still insist on decorating your house for sale, keep it to a minimum. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep the size of Christmas trees to a minimum. The best option would be to get a small, four feet tree that you can place on a desk.
  • Use more red than green. Red is more appealing emotionally, and positively affects buying decisions
  • Never block the essential features of your house. These features include hallways, stairs, and fireplaces. Stay clear of windows, too. Blocking them will make your home appear less “airy,” which can put buyers off.
  • Refrain from posting any personal or family photos. Personal items go against buyers’ imagining that it is their home, but it might also be a serious risk to your privacy.
  • Think twice about using banners to decorate your home. It’s better to opt for greenery, as it looks more natural and appealing.
  • Capitalize on a scent. If you want to instill a little bit of ‘holiday feeling’ for your buyers, try simmering a pot of apple cider in the kitchen. Then, dole out serving cups in case your potential buyers want to try it.

The experts at Team Couch know a thing or two about selling your home during the holidays. The simpler you make the process, the better your chances of a successful sale.

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