When you are selling your home, showing potential buyers that the home has adequate storage is important.  The home should be free of clutter and every cabinet should look organized and put together.  The same rule goes for children’s rooms.  Normally, a child’s room may be filled with toys and look very “lived in.”  However, to a seller, seeing the mess may cause them to consider how that will work for them.  That is why it is important to maintain an organized room during showings.

Here are a few solutions to help organize the kids room to maximize your storage.

Purge Old and Broken Toys
There is no need to hang on to those old or broken toys.  If your kids have outgrown the toys, donate them to a local charity or ministry.  If the toys are broken – just throw them out.  Doing a quick purge of the toys will quickly thin out the room.

Use Under-bed Storage
Using under-bed storage can help you hide some of the toys, while keeping them accessible for the little ones.  There are some that have wheels to make them easier to slide out from under the bed.

Over-The-Door Shoe Holder
These handy hanging shoe holders make great storage for kids rooms.  You can put dolls or action figures in the sleeves.  They also work great to organize art supplies!

Utilize Shelving
Bookshelves or closet shelving can be utilized to store bins of toys and books neatly.  Keeping the toys off the floor and grouped together in bins will allow you to keep the toys available for your little one without cluttering the room.

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