Even in the coldest part of the winter, it is not too late to take steps to protect your home from damage caused by the change in temperature.  Although you dread the winter weather you know that you want your home to be ready. Not only do you want to stay warm, you want minimal damage to your home as possible. A few tasks to get ready for winter can save you both time and money. Here are a few ways to help protect your home this winter.

Clean the Gutters on your Home

This is one of those jobs that most of us hate to tackle. It takes time and energy. For those of us that do not like heights, it can be downright scary. If you are not physically able to climb a ladder and clean your gutters it is best to hire someone. If you know a person who can do this task, ask them for help. Even if you must pay a fee, it can save you money in the long run. Blocked gutters are trouble even in the warmer weather. If the rain water cannot move through the right channels, it will cause damage to your home. Blocked water can damage your roof and even the foundation. In the winter, a blocked gutter will freeze and cause more damage. A frozen gutter can cause water to back up into the roof and cause damage to the roof and ceilings in your home. To have a roof and ceilings replaced will cost thousands of dollars.

Keep Supplies on Hand

If there is a winter storm on the way you do not want to have to run to the local store to purchase common supplies. Have you ever had to go to the local supermarket right before a blizzard is about to hit? If you have, you know what the lines at the checkouts can look like. Go to the store when you know they are not busy and stock up on ice melt and anything else that will be needed during a storm. This is also an appropriate time to purchase canned goods and other foods that will stay good for a length of time. When a ice storm hits, all you have to do is stay warm in your home and not worry about having to get supplies.

Insulate the Attic

If you do not have insulation in the attic of your home, you will want to get it soon. Heat rises, and you do not want to be paying for heat to just go out of the roof of your house. You want to keep the heat in so that you stay nice and warm. No one wants to throw money away and this is what is happening if your home is not insulated properly.

Insulate Those Windows

Ever hear of throwing money out the window? If your windows are not insulated properly and are drafty, you are losing both heat and money. If you cannot afford to have the windows replaced right at this moment in time, there are window kits that can be purchased at your local hardware store. These sheets of plastic will help to keep the heat in and the cold out. The winter window insulating kits have come a long way in these past years and you are able to see right out your window through the transparent plastic

These are just a few ways to help protect your home this winter. Learn more: https://teamcouch.com/

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