Selling your home means showing your home. Once your house is on the market, you can expect potential buyers to unexpectedly drop by.

When this happens, the house has to be show-ready. There should be no clutter, the counters should be clean, and the sink should be clear. In normal situation, like if your house weren’t for sale, this would be a tedious thing to maintain. Not a lot of people keep their homes presentation-ready at all times. If you’re trying to sell your Desoto County home, however, you have to make sure that your house is spic and span at all times.

When people come to homes for sale, they will judge the cleanliness and orderliness, whether they show it or not. However, it’s kind of difficult to keep your home ready for potential buyers while you’re still living there. So, here are some tips for selling your home without having to hire a round-the-clock house cleaner.

Be systematic

When you’ve just put your house on the market and opened it to buyers, you’re going to need to clean your house from top to bottom. Homes for sale need to be as presentable as possible. It can be daunting, especially if you’re not used to it. Just walking into a room and assessing how much work you need to do to clean it can put you off the task or make it extremely stressful. Thus, you need to be systematic and organized when it comes to cleaning so you don’t get overwhelmed.

These are a few simple tips for selling your home and making it presentable. A good thing to remember is this: start from top to bottom, left to right. Dust the ceiling fan or lighting first, sweep cobwebs out of corners, and dust the top of shelves or cabinets. Having a system like this can help you keep your focus and make cleaning the room seem more manageable. Make sure to focus more on things that visitors will notice more, like the floors, fixtures, and appliances. You can also clean once every two days and deep clean once a week.

Get down to the basics

There’s a chance that you have a lot of things lying around your house, since you do still live there after all. However, once buyers start coming around and you start showing your home, it’s best to clear out all the non-essentials and stick to the things that you really do need and use regularly.

Tips for selling your home will always tell you to get rid of clutter. Go around each room of the house with a box and sort through all the things there. Everything that you don’t immediately need should go into the box. If you keep the place cluttered, the space will seem smaller and thus less attractive to a buyer.

You can also place these things in moveable storage boxes. If you don’t want to stash these things away just yet, put them in the boxes when buyers are coming to the house and stash the boxes away in the garage. You can declutter quickly without actually having to do without the items you need to hide. This will help you sell your Desoto County home with ease.

Break cleaning down into small increments

Picking up as you go is a great way to save yourself the trouble and stress of a massive cleaning session. Small things like putting your shoes in their designated place as you take them off, cleaning dishes after you use them, and throwing out food debris as you cook are good ways to avoid messes from piling up.

This is a great habit to develop, especially for people with homes for sale, even if it’s just for a short time. You may even find yourself continuing to do things like this after your house has been sold and you’re living somewhere else. If you develop these good habits, you won’t have to stress yourself out as much when you’re informed that a potential buyer is dropping by the house. Just a few tweaks here and there or a couple of minutes vacuuming will make the house presentation-ready by the time the potential buyer gets there. You’ll be able to sell your Desoto County home more easily.

Focus on the kitchen and bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be the most messy and grimy rooms of the house. They’re also important places in the house that potential buyers will definitely pay attention to.

Things won’t always be perfect and easy when it comes to showing your home. Sometimes, you might let mess pile up a little, or maybe you haven’t deep-cleaned in a while, and now it might be difficult to tidy up on short notice. These are some more tips for selling your home and making your house show-ready. Like mentioned above, focusing on the kitchen and bathroom instead of the entire house is a good idea.

Clear the counters in these areas of the house and make sure that fixtures are clean. Take magnets off refrigerator doors and maybe mop the floors a bit. Make sure to wipe off any grime and that all fixtures are gleaming.

Pay attention to details

It’s one thing to make homes for sale clean and neat, but it’s another thing to make them drab, bland, and boring. Sure, you can strip the furnishings and fixtures down to bare necessities, but small creative touches that make the house feel like a home are also important.

When you’re trying to sell your Desoto County home, one thing you can do is to make common areas like the living room and dining room as inviting as possible. The arrangement of the couches and chairs can make all the difference.

Details as small as leaving lumps in the comforter when you make the bed can make or break the vibe of a room. Even just one thing out of place in an otherwise put-together room can make the room look messy and disorganized.

You can also include objects and accents like a vase of flowers on the countertops, a decorative lamp on one of the end tables, and a fruit bowl on the dining table. This way, showing your home will be a better experience for potential buyers.

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