Planning to sell your home? Just like every other room in the house, it’s important to stage your bedroom prior to listing your property. Although there are no rules to decorating your bedroom, top designers recommend a neutral design, and cleanliness.  Here are some other tips for staging your bedroom.

7 Tips to Staging Your Bedroom

  1. Depersonalize

Remove your personal items, such as keepsakes and family photos, to depersonalize your space. That would give potential buyers a chance to visualize themselves and their families in the house. Replace them with generic paintings or artwork.

Don’t forget to remove décor items that contain names, including monogrammed towels and pillows.

  1. Organize Closets with a Few Things

Sort items in your closets and organize them based on your emotional connection to them, especially clothes. Keep all sentimental items away in storage or organized bins. Leave only items that you associate with joy in the closets.

  1. Clean the Bedroom

Clean the bedroom thoroughly and make it look as neat as a hotel room. Do so whether you’ve already vacated the house or not. Vacuum the floors and carpets, wipe furniture, mop the floor, dust the molding, baseboards, ceiling fans, door trims and lights, and hire a professional to clean your windows from the outside.

  1. Adopt a Neutral Color Scheme

People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to interior design and décor. Therefore, decorate the room in neutrals, such as light beiges, grays or whites. Use blankets and throw pillows to accentuate the room. Vases, plants, unlit candles and frames are other accents perfect for adding pops of color in the neutral bedroom décor. Consider blue for its association with the sky and ocean, in addition to its soothing properties.

Specific décor aesthetics or statement decorating styles can deter buyers who might otherwise like your home.

  1. Stage the Master Bed

Add a headboard to complete the look of your bed. You can create a DIY headboard, buy one from a store, or find a used headboard to stage your bed.

Spread white bedding on the bed for the luxury look of hotel beds;  make the bed with proper hospital corners, and add a duvet, bedspread, and accent throw pillows to add pops of color.

  1. Stage the Dresser

Decorate the top of your dresser to improve the room’s general look. Organize accessories in odd numbers for an eye-catching appearance. Display your jewelry box, unlit candles, a table lamp, succulents, small frames, books, or fresh flowers.

  1. Stage a Nightstand

Dress your nightstands with flowers, books, or generic framed photos. Keep medications, alarm clocks, eyeglasses, water glasses, CPAP machines, retainers or other personal items away from sight.

With these tips, not only can you stage your bedroom, you can carry these suggestions to other rooms in the house as well. Improving the appearance of your interior and exterior space is key to capturing the attention of your potential buyers.

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Team Couch