Real Estate Agents are entrusted by homeowners to buy, sell, or manage properties. Agents are certified professionals and they are usually in a good position to provide advice to a homeowner when they are preparing the home to sell in order to get the right price for the home. Real Estate Agents who are experienced can help you determine the worth of your property by comparing the previous sales, active and pending real estate sales in your area.

Here are are tips to choose the right agent to sell your home!

Current Certifications– Any professional Real Estate Agent should have a valid real estate licensure; he/she should have experience in both buying and selling in your area. Make sure that the agent you choose has the right credentials to help you sell your home quickly.

Trust Your Instincts- You should choose someone who you feel comfortable working with. The agent should show an interest in handling the transaction.  The real estate transaction becomes easier when both you and the agent get along.

Look for Experience- The Real Estate Agent you choose should have a good idea about how they intend to sell your home. He/she should be able to demonstrate how the targeted audience will be reached and eventually get a serious buyer. An experienced agent knows how fast similar properties stay on the market.


With the right Real Estate Agent, the real estate transaction process can go very smoothly.  If you are looking at selling your home or purchasing a new one, let Team Couch of Birch Realty Group help you!

Team Couch