It is hard to believe that 2019 is already here!  2018 was the year of shiplap design and modern farmhouse accents.  Let’s take a look at what experts say 2019 will add to the home design trends!

Big Backsplashes

According to experts, 2019 will usher in dramatic backsplashes that will stretch from the top of the counter to the ceiling areas.  It is a dramatic look that will add visual interest to you kitchen area.

Dark Interior Paint Colors

In previous years, we’ve seen more grays and cream wall colors.  Neutral walls have been the thing.  In 2019, experts are predicting more bold interior color choices.  Think more navy blue and hunter greens instead of the neutral options.

Tubs Are The Focus!

Move over old tub style!  In 2019, the tub becomes the show stopper in bathrooms.  Large, soaker style tubs add a spa like feel to any bathroom retreat.  Look for larger bathrooms to follow to make room for these large fixtures!

Glass and Steel Room Division

Open floor plans have been the trend for many years.  This year will be no different, however there are some design changes.  You’ll probably see more glass room division in homes in 2019.  This allows the open floor plan feel, while still adding a dramatic visual element to the home.

Kitchens That Incorporate Outdoor Spaces

Experts expect that having kitchens that open to the outdoors will be a big thing in 2019.  Big doors will open to large outdoor patios with cooking surfaces and durable surfaces.




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