Are you considering purchasing your first home?  It can be a difficult decision, but having a helpful team can help guide you throughout the process and help you avoid common mistakes.  TEAM COUCH is your best choice for buyer representation. We can help you determine what your dream home should entail and how it should function for you and your family. Together we will determine your specific needs by taking into account your family, desired location along with a multitude of other criteria. These factors determine what you are looking for and allow us to tailor our approach so we can find your dream home as efficiently as possible.

Here are a few tips for first time homebuyers!

Start Saving For A Down Payment Early

Most lenders want you to put 20% down, but you can often find lenders that will want less than that. There are first-time home buyer programs available for those who qualify. It is important to talk with a lender to see what you will qualify for and if you meet the requirements for any first time homebuyer programs.

Talking with a lender will also give you a clear idea of how much home you can afford.

Look at Several Neighborhoods and Locations that Interest You

If you are looking for a single family home with a big yard, or a zero lot line, you’ll need to research what is available in your price range.  You also want to take into consideration any homeowners association dues, look at nearby schools, research crime statistics, etc.  It is also advisable to take a drive through the neighborhoods as night to see how the community is during the different times of the day.

Stick To Your Budget

It is easy to find homes that are just outside your budget.  Start by looking at homes that cost LESS than the amount you were approved for.  Even though you can spend up to the amount you were pre-approved for, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend the entire amount.  Spending less than your maximum budget will allow you to spend money on smaller projects like painting and interior upgrades!

Get a Home Inspection

Once your offer is accepted by the seller, you will need to have a licensed property inspector inspect the property within the timeframe that was agreed upon in the effective contract to purchase. A home inspection typically includes an examination of heating and central air conditioning systems, interior plumbing, electrical systems, the roof, the attic, visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, foundations and basements. Home inspectors represent the buyer and are paid by the buyer. The inspection helps ensure home buyers of the quality of their investment by making them aware of its current condition and alerting them to any major defects that could cost them down the road.

With these tips, you can get started on buying your first home!  If you need assistance, contact Team Couch of Birch Realty Group for more information on buying a new home!

Team Couch