Smart devices are taking over our lives, making tasks simpler and easier. 

Many people now use Google Home Assistant and Alexa by Amazon to perform a variety of duties, for example. By 2023, over eight billion products will be running on voice technology, and here are some smart home technologies taking flight:

Smart trash cans

Your trash will soon be ready for removal via the Knectek Townew smart can. It knows when it is full, responding by sealing the trash bag, opening the lid for emptying, and replacing the liner automatically. 

Smart vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners reach places you cannot, uncovering hidden secrets in dark places. Trifo has a smart vacuum called Lucy, which doubles as a surveillance device. It’s equipped with a 1080p HDR camera and night vision.

AI-Powered washing machine

If you have been having trouble choosing the right fabric, volume, or weight for your washing machine, LG has a solution: ThinQ does all these things, and more.  

It can program your washing cycle, determine the right amount of detergent or fabric softener, and notify you when the levels are low. The gadget can work with both Google Home and Alexa voice assistants.

Smart pet

Pets are hard work, but now you can own a pet without a lot of care. If you have relatives suffering from dementia or want to enjoy the benefits of a pet without the hassle, Jennie, the robot dog, is the perfect companion. 

It’s a gadget by Tombot offering companionship and all the habits of a real dog when it is powered up. 

Smart motion detectors

Triggering the motion detector by accident is quite alarming. Now, there is a motion detector to differentiate between family and strangers. 

Swann’s Wi-Fi Security Tracker Camera can detect familiar faces or frequent visitors, flagging suspicious activities from strangers. The smart surveillance device also backs up the video feeds to a cloud server for future reference.

Smart cabinet lock

Modern technology makes it possible for you to lock and unlock doors remotely, deploy multiple locking mechanisms, and speak to visitors as they arrive at the front door. Yale Smart Cabinet Lock attaches to your drawers, cabinets, and storage systems easily, through an adhesive sticker or screw. 

If you pair it up with a Wi-Fi Bridge, you can know who opened your storage cabinets, and when. You can also lock and unlock the cabinets remotely.

Vision Smart Lock enables you to deploy multiple unlocking mechanisms to your doors, too–fingerprint scan, temporary code, voice control, digital key, or an app. It also comes with a video doorbell with a live video feed of arrivals, and an app that you can use to speak to visitors.

AI-Powered cooking technology 

Soon, your cookware will be able to suggest recipes and ingredients, as well as regulate the temperatures. The GE Kitchen Hub is a groundbreaking technology that can do all this and more. 

It is equipped with a smart touchscreen to watch movies as you cook, cameras to adjust oven temperatures, and food monitoring capabilities. It also takes spoken commands from Google Assistant.

Smart water filter

Kohler’s Aquifer Refine is a smart water filter that tells you if the water is contaminated. 

You only need to attach it to the sink to detect heavy metals and filter the water using a three-stage filtration process. If you connect to Wi-Fi, it can detect leaks and monitor water usage in your home, too.

Team Couch