Choose The Right Realtor To Sell Your Home

It is rather unfortunate that good real estate agents are few and far between. Choosing the right realtor to sell your home can be a challenging task. Ideally, you should select an agent who is willing to do whatever it takes for you to get the best deal on your house. Here´s how you can choose the right realtor to sell your home.

  • Ask for referrals, but don´t rely on them

There isn´t a dearth of real estate agents who promise to get you the best deals on your house. However, not all of them stay true to their word and deliver on their promises. So, how do you go about your search then? Well, it is a good idea to ask your trusted family members, friends, and co-workers for referrals.

However, you shouldn´t fall into the trap of selecting an agent purely because of glowing reviews. Ideally speaking, you should hire the services of an agent who is familiar with your area. The more familiar the agent is with your area, the better he/she will be able to market your house. So, when asking your relatives for referrals, you should only shortlist the ones who have the experience of selling properties in your area.

  • Examine their communication skills

In order to select the right realtor, you have to test their responsiveness to your calls and e-mails. After all, wouldn’t you want to hire the services of a realtor who responds to your calls, emails, and queries on the very same day itself? Imagine if you have multiple bids on the table, or if some problem comes up with the home inspection. You wouldn’t want to left wondering where your agent is during those situations now, would you?

  • Probe their experience

You shouldn’t be afraid to ask the tough questions to the shortlisted agents right off the bat. You should interview the shortlisted agents as you would interview a candidate in a job interview. After all, the agent is also vying for a job now, isn´t he? The right realtor will know his stats and won´t dance around numbers. We would advise you to ask the following questions to the candidates;

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. How many houses did you sell last year?
  3. What percentage of your listings do you sell?
  4. What is the average list price to actual sell price ratio for your listings?
  • Don’t look for the cheapest agent

Agents work at different price points and some simply take lower commissions than others. However, you shouldn’t fall under the impression that the most inexpensive agent is the right fit for you. As far as we are concerned, the agents must be confident enough in their expertise and abilities to stand by their prices. When you negotiate terms with the shortlisted agents, you should ask for discounts. And if they jump at the chance of offering you discounts, that might be a red flag.


Team Couch