Looking At Tunica County Real Estate for Sale?

Tucked away in Northern Mississippi, there lies Tunica County. It’s known as the heart that pumps life to the Mississippi Delta area. Tunica is situated right beside the famous Mississippi River.

To be exact, it can be found in between the well-known ‘Blues Highway’ and the eastern river bank. Oddly enough, Tunica’s popularity comes from a certain area in the county called the ‘Sugar Ditch Alley’ neighborhood.

Tunica County lies just a few miles south of Memphis, Tennessee. Tunica County has shown clear signs of growth in population during the last few years, with a very good variety of housing possibilities.

Progressive Growth in Tunica County

While it’s known to be a county that’s in poverty previously, Tunica has greatly increased their value over the years. Tunica is known for its gambling institutions, and these businesses have also served as its economy’s backbone.

A great portion of the locals in Tunica work for the casinos, local retail or just up the road in Memphis.

There are currently nine, vibrant casino resorts in the city. These casinos are the county’s best tourist attraction sites. As their growth continues, looking for Tunica County property for sale as early as now is a wise investment choice.

Popular areas for new residents to purchase real estate in Tunica County include Robinsonville and Tunica.

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Tunica County Property School Districts

This educational district has been showing excellent results during the latest state accountability assessments, demonstrating impressive improvements during the last few years. The public schools that are within the Tunica County School District are: David Williams Jr. Career and Technical CenterDundee Elementary SchoolRobinsonville Elementary SchoolRosa Fort High SchoolTunica Elementary School, and Tunica Middle School. If you are interested in sending your children to a private school instead of the public school system, Tunica County also provides an option for you: the Tunica Academy, which is a Christian private school with more than 230 students.

As for higher education possibilities, the nearby options are the Northwest Mississippi Community College, located at only 30 miles from Tunica County, the Mississippi State University (MSU), located at a 150 miles distance, and the University of Mississippi, located at 70 miles from Tunica County.

Choose The Right Agent for Tunica County Property For Sale

There are several things you can take note that’ll help you the best of agents from the worst of agents. Here are the top 3 characteristics:

  • Frequently Calls

A proper agent who has a clean intention of guiding you all the way through frequently calls you for updates. This means the real estate agent cares for their communication with you – after all, finding a new home needs a lot of communicative interaction.

  • Takes Priority with Clients

Real estate agents aren’t robots, they can only handle so much. A good agent knows that negotiations are meant to be handled delicately. Thus, their number of clients should only be limited.

  • Listens

The perfect realtor would listen to what your concerns are, and find the best match that’d fit your style. They would take the time to look for what would be ideal for your taste.

Choose Team Couch to help you find the home of your dreams in Tunica County!  Search our Tunica County property for sale by clicking here or give us a call to learn more!

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