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Tate County is one of the areas in Northwest Mississippi that we proudly serve at Team Couch. Located at Northwest Mississippi, Tate County emerges as one of the most interesting options for you when you’re looking for moving to a new place in Mississippi. The county’s name is because of Thomas Simpson Tate, who was one of the first settlers in the area. Tate County is showing clear signs of continuous growth during the last few years, while also keeping that southern charm. The short distance to a major city such as Memphis is also what makes it a viable option for living peacefully but close to all the things that a big city offers. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate on contacting a real estate agent in Tate County right away.

With a population of 28,886 (approximately 6,750 families), the population density at the county is 63/square mile, which is much less than its neighbor DeSoto County, which has 338 people per square mile, but it’s also more than many other almost unpopulated counties that you may find in Mississippi. Apart from DeSoto County, Tate County is adjacent to Marshall County to the East, Lafayette County to SouthEast, Panola County to the South, and Tunica County to the West.

The most important town within Tate County is Senatobia, which is a historic district that appears among the 15 largest municipalities of the Memphis Metropolitan Area, with a population of 8,165. The city of Senatobia is most known for being home of the Northwest Mississippi Community College, whose enrollment is more than 7,500 students, distributed between Oxford, Southaven and Senatobia itself. The college was founded in 1928 and has been modernized through time to meet the expectations that one would have for a high quality education college nowadays.

A good education for your children is essential when looking for a new place to live, and Tate County more than certainly can provide you with it. The county school district is rated as High-Performance, and counts with six campuses distributed all across the county. There were about 2,915 students enrolled in 2015. During the last few years, the school district has developed some major improvements in terms of technology and academics. The schools located within Tate County are: Strayhorn High School, Independence High School, Independence Middle School, East Tate Elementary School, Strayhorn Elementary School, Coldwater Attendance Center,  Senatobia-Tate Career Technical Center, Senatobia Elementary School, Senatobia Middle School, Senatobia Jr/Sr High School, and Magnolia Heights School.

As for college education, besides the Northwest Mississippi Community College mentioned above and located within the Tate County, other options are also available for your children’s higher education, such as the famous University of Mississippi, located just 45 miles from Tate County, and also Mississippi State University (MSU), which is 140 miles from Tate County.

Healthcare is also a factor on which you shouldn’t have to worry when moving to Tate County. The North Oak Regional Hospital, in 401 Getwell Dr, Senatobia, provides high quality medical care for you and your entire family. This hospital was founded in 1976 and has been providing a full range of cutting edge health services ever since.

Tate County also offers a great variety of parks and complexes for their residents. Among the most important Tate County parks are Gabbert Park, City Park, and Norfleet Drive Park. It’s also worth mentioning that the huge John W. Kyle State Park is less than 30 minutes away. This State Park offers an incredible wildlife, hunting activities, as well as fishing or boating. Regarding the athletic complexes that Tate County offers, the most remarkable are Matthews Drive, Southern Avenue and Scott Street.

In terms of employment, Tate County’s situation is similar to the one of its neighbor counties. Unemployment rates have been reduced since 2014, with new emerging jobs appearing constantly. Despite the fact that an important part of Tate County’s population travels to nearby Memphis for work, the county itself has been setting up all the necessary conditions for having some important industrial growth.

Thanks to the convenient location on I-55, Tate County and its two municipalities (City of Senatobia and Town of Coldwater) appears as a perfect place for developing new industry. There is a strategically located Industrial Park at exit 263 of I-55, allowing easy transportation access. Considering that the Industrial Park is also at only 30 minutes of Memphis International Airport, the location of the park seems almost impossible to improve.

The most notable historical places located within the Tate County are the McGehee Plantation and the Tate County Courthouse, both located at the City of Senatobia. The McGehee Plantation is a historic plantation that features a greek-revival architecture style mansion that was built in 1856 by African slaves, who were also dedicated to pick cotton in the fields. This mansion is listed as a National Historic Place since 2007.

If you finally convince yourself on the fact that Tate County is that perfect place you are looking for and contact a Tate County realtor, you will have to proceed with finding utilities for your house. In terms of electricity, the provider company will be Entergy Mississippi, which serves in 45 of the 82 total counties on Mississippi. All the remaining most important services will be provided by Tate County, so you should not need to worry.

In case you’re looking to sell a house in Tate County, it shouldn’t be a problem. Because of the county’s growth during the last few years, chances of selling a house are more than probable. In any case, what you should do is contact an agent who will list your house as a Tate County property for sale, and things will get started.

Whether it’s the beautiful historical city of Senatobia, the smaller town of Coldwater, or somewhere in between, Tate County can offer you all of the most important things that are needed for living a high quality life: peaceful living, low crime rates, great education for your children, and interesting job opportunities for yourself. The fact of being so close to a big city like Memphis is also a plus: you don’t need to go far in order to catch some major cultural or social events in case you’re interested. So, you should consider that probably the place you’ve been looking for is right here in Northtwest Mississippi! Here in Team Couch we can let you get in touch with a real estate agent in Tate County and start living the next stage of your life!

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