The City of Southaven is one of the latest additions to the list of areas we serve. Southaven is a city located in Northwest Mississippi, within the DeSoto County, and is considered a part of the Memphis suburbs. In fact, Southaven is one of the main cities in the Memphis Metropolitan Area. With a population of more than 52,000, Southaven is the third largest city in the State of Mississippi. Southaven is conveniently located city. With I-55 crossing Southaven North to South, the city has great connections to nearby places in Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas.

The population density in the City of Southaven is around 1.188 people per square meter, making it one of the most densely populated cities in the area, and far more densely populated than the DeSoto County average of 338 people/square mile.

Like many other places within the DeSoto County, Southaven has experienced a huge population growth during the last 25 years, mostly due to the thousands of middle class family moving out of Memphis and relocating in the suburbs. As often occurs with fast population-growth cities, there is plenty of real estate for sale in Southaven, making it an option that must be considered when thinking about moving to Northwest Mississippi.

With the Southaven being minutes from Tennessee, a large part of Southaven residents work in the Memphis metro area. Southaven itself also offers many job positions to their residents, particularly in Warehousing, Distribution, Manufacturing and Production industries. Besides being one of the city’s biggest shopping attractions, The Southaven Towne Center also contributes as many as 1000 job positions to the local residents.

Southaven experiences a very nice weather, which is always something to have in consideration when you are thinking on moving to a new city. The average temperature during the middle of the summer is around 82°F, with an average high of 90°F. While during the coldest month (January), the average temperature is around 40°F and the average low is about 30°F.

A good school system to ensure a quality education for your children is always a big factor when considering moving to a new city. On this matter, Southaven delivers. The city is served by the DeSoto County School District. With more than 30,000 students enrolled, it is the largest school district of Mississippi. The most important public schools in Southaven are: DeSoto Central Elementary SchoolDeSoto Central Primary SchoolSouthaven Intermediate SchoolSouthaven Elementary SchoolGreenbrook Elementary School, and Hope Sullivan Elementary School among the Elementary and Intermediate Schools. For Middle Schools the most remarkable options are Southaven Middle School and DeSoto Central Middle School, while for high schools the DeSoto Central High School, and Southaven High School. In case you are looking for private education for your children, Southaven can also offer you different possibilities in terms of private schools; there are a total of seven private schools in the city and surroundings, serving more than two thousand students. As is usually the case with private education, the student/teacher ratio is much lower, which can ensure a more personalized attention for your children. The most important private schools in Southaven are Northpoint Christian School and Sacred Heart School, while the Desoto County Academy is another important private school located at the neighboring City of Olive Branch.

With regard to higher education options, notable nearby colleges are the Northwest Mississippi Community College, which is located in Senatobia, MS (about 25 miles from Southaven) with a second campus in the heart of Southaven. There is also the University of Mississippi which is about 70 miles from Southaven, and the well-known Mississippi State University (MSU), which is situated 170 miles from the City of Southaven.

There are many parks and recreational activities in Southaven. In terms of sports, Southaven is home to the Snowden Grove Baseball Complex, the Greenbrook Softball Complex, and Southaven Skate Park. Parks are also an important thing to consider when moving to a new place: a nice walk and some fresh air are essential to enjoy a high life quality. Southaven has many different parks all over the city for their residents to enjoy; the most remarkable are Central ParkGreenbrook Lake Park, and Jim Saucier Park

Among the city’s attractions are two open air shopping centers. Both the Southaven Towne Centre and the Tanger Outlet Mall offer national retail shops for hours of shopping.   Another important attraction in Southaven is the Landers Center, a multi-purpose arena with 8400 seats. The arena is used by the Mississippi Riverkings for their participation at the Southern Professional Hockey League, and is also used for concert venues, boxing, circuses and ice shows.

In summary, we can conclude that Southaven is one of the best cities to live in Northwest Mississippi. The size of the city is not small enough to make you feel like you’re living isolated, but isn’t too big to lose its charm. It’s the perfect size. Here you’ll be able to find many different job opportunities, more than 15 parks for taking long walks and breathing some fresh air, a good amount of cultural and entertainment attractions, and amazing education for your children, whether they are in primary, intermediate, middle or high school. In addition, there are plenty of homes for sale in Southaven, so you will be able to find the most suitable for you without a doubt. Team Couch can let you know everything you need for contacting a real estate agent in Southaven, start looking for your perfect house, and find yourself a new home in Southaven!

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