The Top 6 Reasons To Buy A Home in Hernando

The Top 6 Reasons To Buy A Home in Hernando

Have you grown tired of renting a place that will never be yours? Then buying your first property might just be the right one for you. Basically, when we look for a place to settle, the first thing that we figure out what is important to us. Creating this list will help you narrow down on what to look for your first residential property.

Things to consider when buying a home in Hernando include:

  • Location
  • Family-Oriented Community
  • Promotes Health and Wellness
  • Nearby Schools
  • Tax Rate
  • Jobs

Often times we listen to others opinion rather than our inner voice. Some people may not find it pleasant to own a property because they have their own reasons.  You know yourself better than others. You know what you want and what you need.

Hernando’s place is a fusion of modern, traditional and quaint setting where history meets the present. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at your first property and buy Hernando Real Estate.

Why Move to Hernando?

These are our Top 6 reasons why we want you to move and buy a home in Hernando!

  • Family-Oriented Community

One of Hernando’s major commitments is to create a family-oriented community which is relevant most especially to a family who has close ties to each family member, a family with toddlers and this is even more significant to a family with teenagers to promote open and healthy relationship through activities.

Hernando has a community theater for every promising actor, recreational facilities available for the sports enthusiast, playgrounds for your toddlers and parks for a leisure walk for the entire family.

If this is not enough as your basis to move in, check out our next top reason!

  • Great Education System

Hernando cares for your children and we are so proud to tell you that we offer only the best education for your children. Frankly speaking, our education system is what drives people from different places to settle in our community.

And for this reason, new homes in Hernando are built to accommodate our new inhabitants and you might be the first one to occupy our newly built homes.

But, what we are most proud of is that we offer a reasonable tax rate in which you need to check out for our next top reason.

  • Reasonable Low Tax Rate!

Yes, you are not dreaming, this offer is as clear as day! Among other key cities and suburbs within Desoto County, Hernando offers the lowest tax rate.

Mississippi has the advantage over neighboring states as the sales tax is only at 7 percent. Additionally, a homestead exemption is given to those who own a home to help them compensate for their property taxes.

We want to help you achieve your goals and by helping we mean to lower your financial responsibility, so you will be able to direct your monetary funds to your basic and essential commodity.

  • Promotes Wellness and Healthy Living

Wellness and healthy living should be one of your major considerations when it comes to weighing your options. Gladly, our city initiates programs and events to give awareness to its citizen that health is sincerely a wealth.

In continuation of Hernando’s commitment to the community, the city offers numerous and assorted healthy edibles from baked goodies to fruits and vegetables available for its citizen.

The city holds an event called Hernando Farmers Market starting from April to late October which showcases the locals’ baked goodies, home-grown fruits and vegetable, yogurt and ice cream from Brown Dairy Farms Milk, and you can even choose from their meat products, honey, herbs and much more.

  • Accessible

The city’s accessibility is everything what a community needs. No community will ever progress if it is far from its livelihood or other forms of the basic commodity since it can no longer provide for its family.

Fortunately, Hernando is accessible through I-55 and I-69 which is vital for everyday commuters or simply to those who wants to enjoy and have fun at the casino, shopping, singing their hearts out at music venues and much more.

Although Hernando has the small-town-feel, the city has a lot to offer to its people and the incoming residents which are mentioned above.

  • Job Tenure

Although most of our residents travel outside the city for work, the city itself works tirelessly to give its citizen a position in education, manufacturing or health and social services.

Hernando Real Estate Key Highlights

Homeownership entails a lot of responsibilities, but we don’t want to put you in that situation. We give importance to your investment and hard work and in return, we want to offer you only the best of our residential property.

As mentioned above, we give our locals the lowest tax rate; we want a healthy community and most of all we want you and our city to progress together. We don’t just provide our citizen affordable residential property, we provide you shelter and security for you and your family.

If you want to find out more of our beautiful and charming city of Hernando, contact us!

Team Couch