The Top 4 Reasons To Buy A Home in Olive Branch

Buying a house is a huge decision that entails great responsibilities which should not be taken lightly. You need to take a moment and consider all the possibilities which are essential to you and your family’s basic needs.

In purchasing an Olive Branch property for sale, there are considerations you have to keep in mind:

  • Location
  • Friendly Neighborhood
  • Sustainable Community
  • Promotes and Preserves Green Environment
  • Education
  • Security

Homeownership is not all about investment. It is a place where you create a refuge for your family, a place where you all gather at the end of the day to escape from all the confinements of your everyday activity.

At Team Couch, we do not just offer you houses; we help you find a home.

Why Look At Property For Sale in Olive Branch?


Olive Branch is considered as part of Memphis’ suburbs which is located in the heart of Desoto County. It is one of the most desirable locations to live in where it features a historical, charming and vibrant community.

Olive Branch attributes the characteristic of a small town feels where it is not only rich in history but the people in it as well where you and your family can enjoy its family-friendly events all year-round.

Gradually, new homes in Olive Branch are established as the town grows progressively. As a matter of fact, it is one of the key cities in the country that has the fastest population growth.  Families moving from neighboring cities are part of Olive Branch’s exceptional growth over the past few years.

Olive Branch is like a melting pot of possibilities as it is surrounded by a neighboring community a wide variety of opportunities in which you don’t have to worry about your job security and education for your children.

Clean and Green Environment

In addition, Olive Branch gives importance to its surrounding and promotes and preserves a green environment by implementing a strict disposal of garbage and keeping the city streets clean. In fact, Olive Branch has been awarded numerous Urban Forestry awards all over Mississippi.

Olive Branch does not only feature a charming and beautiful town, but the citizen of Olive Branch take pride and promote its parks and recreation facilities which are essential for a growing community.

Its climate conveys a pleasant feeling of warmth in the summer and not too cold in the winter and these qualities make it even more desirable to stay at Olive Branch.


One of the main factors we consider in weighing out our home buying options is a good education for our children.

In our city, you don’t just buy a home in Olive Branch; we do not just build residential houses or a city full of ornaments and leave out an essential part of developing a community. We want positive growth for you and your family and that is why we emphasize and give value to right education.

In fact, we are part of the largest school district in the entire state of Mississippi. Olive Branch is an award-winning community all throughout Desoto County for giving importance to education which we take pride in it. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your grown-ups since we have a nearby colleges’ for higher education.

Sustainable Community

Apart from education, a contributing factor that families take in consideration to move is job tenure. At Olive Branch, we also give job security to our citizen so we can altogether progress as a vibrant and sustainable community.

Olive Branch offers a variety of employment opportunities for our residents and you can even work alternately in Memphis which only takes minutes away.

Our neighboring community can also offer you job opportunities and this is, in fact, beneficial as it will not take you hours to travel for work and if you are a family with toddlers, you can go home just right in time to tuck in your kids.

Olive Branch Real Estate Key Highlights

If you are considering moving to the Northwest Mississippi, take in consideration to buy Olive Branch Real Estate as it is by far the most appealing and beneficial option for you and your family. If the city is growing in numbers, it only meant one thing—progress.

What more can you ask for a city that is clean with a rich history, all year-round family-friendly events that will never dull you and your children, admirable education system, job security and sustainable community?

If the city is working its way to progress, at Olive Branch we are also dedicated to our citizens and provide a basic and substantial commodity whichever way we can.

Gradually, new homes in Olive Branch are put up for homeownership as the community’s population never ceases to grow. And this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss as Olive Branch Real Estate will never disappoint you!

If you have decided to move in our community, our real estate agents will gladly assist and get in touch with you soon to walk you through different possibilities and embark on a new period for you and your family.


Team Couch