Why Families Are Buying Olive Branch Residential Real Estate

Olive Branch is located within the DeSoto County, and like all the rest of this county and neighboring cities, it is considered a part of the Memphis suburbs.  Over the past few years, Olive Branch has seen an astonishing growth.  In fact, Olive Branch has been the city with the fastest population growth in the entire country.

Why are families buying Olive Branch Real Estate?  Here are a few of the reasons:

Small Town Charm

Often in todays world, we forget what small town charm feels like.  Olive Branch has not.  It features a beautiful and charming historical Old Town area that contains a very rich history. The “Olde Town” holds free music concerts during summer and all sorts of other family friendly events throughout the year. 

Outdoor Living

Parks and recreation facilities are important to the citizens of Olive Branch. The Olive Branch City Park contains 3 lakes, 5 tennis courts, a mountain bike trail and 2 miles of walking trails, among other amenities. The Magnolia Community Park is another of the most important recreational parks in the area, which holds the special distinction of being the first recognized urban forest in the entire state.  There are many Olive Branch real estate options close to these outdoor living areas.

Education Options

Olive Branch is in the award-winning Desoto County School District.  Desoto County Schools is the largest school district in the entire state of Mississippi with more than 30000 enrolled students!  Public school options in Olive Branch include: Olive Branch High School, Olive Branch Middle School, Olive Branch Intermediate School, Olive Branch Elementary School, Center Hill High School, Center Hill Elementary School, Center Hill Middle School, Lewisburg High School, Lewisburg Middle School, Lewisburg Elementary School, Pleasant Hill Elementary School, and Overpark Elementary School.

There are also private schools in the area as well.

Higher Education facilities are also nearby.  Northwest Mississippi Community College is located at only 33 miles from Olive Branch (half an hour drive), the University of Mississippi is just 58 miles from Olive Branch, and the worldwide famous Mississippi State University (MSU) is situated at a 150 miles distance from Olive Branch.

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Job Opportunities

There are many job opportunities close to Olive Branch.  Companies such as Family Dollar, Baptist Memorial Health Care or NPC International, among others are near Olive Branch. Another viable job option that many Olive Branch residents do is to work in Memphis, which is only a minutes away! 

Finding an Olive Branch Realtor might be the hardest part when you decide to move to Olive Branch.  Team Couch will  help you start evaluating the different possibilities and begin a new chapter for you and your family! 

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