Considering Olive Branch Real Estate?

Olive Branch is one of the most beautiful areas in Mississippi. In the past, the area has been awarded numerous Keep Mississippi Beautiful and Urban Forestry awards. It has one of the most impressive growth rates in the state of Mississippi in terms of both facilities and population. Located within the DeSoto County, the area of Olive Branch is considered a part of the Memphis suburbs. The area of Olive Branch initially saw unparalleled growth rate in the 1990s largely owing to the relocation of middle-class families from Memphis.

The estimated population of Olive Branch is around 33,484 people; the area boasts a population density of 912 per square mile. And, since the area is quite populated, the real estate market is quite active in the area. You will always be able to find Olive Branch homes that are up for sale.

Highlights of The City of Olive Branch

The City of Olive Branch is largely known for its beautiful and charming historical Old Town. The Old Town, as its name suggests, has a rich history and it also serves as the perfect platform for music concerts and other events all the year round.

The city´s Department of Public Works does a stellar job of ensuring the complete maintenance of the city´s infrastructures. There is also a division called The Streets and Sanitation division, which ensures the cleanliness of the city and makes sure that the harmony between nature and the community is well-maintained and balanced. The Water Division in the area holds the responsibility of operating 8 different water treatment plants that produce around 4,396,781 gallons of potable water in a day.

Parks and recreation

It also helps that the city of Olive Branch has plenty of parks to offer to its residents. The most popular park, The Olive Branch City Park, boasts of numerous amenities including 5 tennis courts, 3 lakes, 2 miles of walking trails, and a mountain bike trail etc. The Magnolia Community Park is also another park that is held in the highest regard. It holds the distinct honor of being the first recognized urban forest in the entire state. Some of the other popular parks include Ivy Trails Community Park and George M. Harrison Municipal Soccer Complex.

What about education in the city?

Of course, you, as a parent, must also consider the education of a particular area before deciding to shift base. There´s no denying the fact that one of the main options that must be evaluated before moving is education. Fortunately, Olive Branch excels on this front too. Some of the schools that particularly stand out in the area include Olive Branch Elementary School, Center Hill High School, Lewisburg Middle School, Pleasant Hill Elementary School, and Olive Branch Intermediate School etc.   

Of course, there are plenty of higher education options around the area too. Northwest Mississippi Community College is located at only 33 miles from Olive Branch; it is basically less than half an hour drive from Olive Branch. The University of Mississippi is around 58 miles from Olive Branch. The esteemed, Mississippi State University (MSU) is located at a distance of 150 miles from the city of Olive Branch.

How is the job scope in Olive Branch?

As we have stated before, Olive Branch is a burgeoning city. Olive Branch offers plenty of employment possibilities. There is a strong presence of reputable companies such as Family Dollar, NPC International, and Baptist Memorial Health Care in the city. It is not necessary for you to limit your job search to Olive Branch itself. Memphis is just a short drive north. It also helps that Olive Branch has close proximity to the Casino Resorts located at the neighbor Tunica County. The resorts are massive, to say the least. And, they too offer employment opportunities. So, what are you waiting for? Look for Olive Branch real estate immediately!

So, should you make the move?

Yes, you shouldn’t hesitate to look for Olive Branch Home Sales and make the move to Olive Branch. The city has one of the fastest growth rates in the entire nation. It is clean, beautiful and has a rich history. The job opportunities in the city are plenty and the area has a stellar education system. It is next to impossible for us to form an argument to prevent you from moving to Olive Branch. If you would like to know more about Olive Branch Home Sales, give Team Couch a call today!

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