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Olive Branch is one of the top locations that Team Couch serves. Winner of many Keep Mississippi Beautiful awards and numerous Urban Forestry awards, the City of Olive Branch takes pride in being one of the cities that have shown the most impressive growth rate in the state of Mississippi in terms of both population and facilities. As a matter of fact, Olive Branch has been the city with the fastest population growth in the entire country from 1990 to 2010, with an astonishing 838% growth!

The city is located within the DeSoto County, and like all the rest of this county and neighboring cities, it is considered a part of the Memphis suburbs. Actually, the thousands of middle-class families that have moved out of Memphis and started living in Olive Branch, is considered the main reason of Olive Branch’s unparalleled growth rate since 1990.

Olive Branch has an estimated population of 33,484 people, and a population density of 912 per square mile, which is almost three-times more than the DeSoto County media (338 people/square mile). Because of the city’s impressive and continuous growth, finding Olive Branch property for sale is not difficult. The real estate market is very active in the area; all you need to do is contact an Olive Branch realtor and you’re set to go!

Among the list of reasons of why moving to Olive Branch is a good idea is the city’s climate. It is warm during the summer and mild during the winter, never getting too cold or too hot for attempting against your life quality. The average high during the middle of the summer is around 90°F, while the average low during the coldest part of the winter is around 30°F.  

The city features a beautiful and charming historical Old Town that contains a very rich history. This Old Town holds free music concerts during summer and all sorts of other events throughout the whole year.

Another of the city’s highlights is its Department of Public Works. They work hard providing maintenance of the city’s infrastructure in order to improve the citizen’s quality of life.  The Streets and Sanitation division keeps the city clean and maintain a beautiful harmony between nature and the community. The Natural Gas division supplies not only the city of Olive Branch, but also other areas of DeSoto County and Marshall County, while the Water division is responsible for operating 8 different water treatment plants with a total production of 4,396,781 gallons of potable water per day!

The City of Olive Branch has several parks to offer to its community. The Olive Branch City Park contains 3 lakes, 5 tennis courts, a mountain bike trail and 2 miles of walking trails, among other amenities. The Magnolia Community Park is another of the most important recreational parks in the area, which holds the special distinction of being the first recognized urban forest in the entire state. Other highlights among the parks and recreation that Olive Branch city has to offer are the George M. Harrison Municipal Soccer Complex and the Ivy Trails Community Park.

A factor that is always considered when evaluating different options for moving into is the education that the place can provide to your children. On this aspect, Olive Branch will not disappoint, since the city is served by the great DeSoto County School District, which is the largest school district in the entire state of Mississippi with more than 30000 enrolled students! Some of the great schools that would be more than pleased to receiving your children at Olive Branch are Olive Branch High SchoolOlive Branch Middle SchoolOlive Branch Intermediate SchoolOlive Branch Elementary SchoolCenter Hill High SchoolCenter Hill Elementary SchoolCenter Hill Middle SchoolLewisburg High SchoolLewisburg Middle SchoolLewisburg Elementary SchoolPleasant Hill Elementary School, and Overpark Elementary School.

Regarding higher education options, there are nearby colleges that appear as amazing opportunities for your grown-up kids: the Northwest Mississippi Community College is located at only 33 miles from Olive Branch (half an hour drive), the University of Mississippi is just 58 miles from Olive Branch, and the worldwide famous Mississippi State University (MSU) is situated at a 150 miles distance from Olive Branch.

In terms of employment possibilities, Olive Branch offers a wide variety of jobs in companies such as Family Dollar, Baptist Memorial Health Care or NPC International, among others. Another viable option that many Olive Branch residents do is to work in Memphis, which is only a minutes away! So, unless you mind taking a half an hour drive to get to work every day, this is a huge possibility, since Memphis is a major city that has thousands of job positions available. Another important source of job positions is the Casino Resorts located at the neighbor Tunica County. These resorts are huge, being the 6thdestination in the United States in terms of gambling revenues, and have plenty of job positions waiting for you!

In summary, Olive Branch is by far one of the most attractive options for you if you’re considering moving to Northwest Mississippi. Being the city with the fastest growth rate in the entire country for the last 25 years really means something. Olive Branch is a clean, beautiful and charming historical city, with a rich history, plenty of cultural events, an enviable school system and great job opportunities. With plenty of real estate for sale in Olive Branch, you should not miss this opportunity. Here in Team Couch we will allow you to get in touch soon with a real estate agent in Olive Branch in order to start evaluating the different possibilities and begin a new period for you and your family! Olive Branch will not disappoint you.

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