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Marshall County is becoming one of the most interesting areas to live in Northwest Mississippi lately, with an impressive growth in the Marshall County Home Sales market serving as proof of this.

The county’s name refers to John Marshall, the US Chief of Justice, and has a total area of 1,800 km2, and a population of  37,144 people. The two largest and most interesting cities to live in Marshall County are Byhalia and Holly Springs, which are both the main protagonists of the commercial and industrial growth at the county during the last few years.

The county has been going through a transition from farming to other uses of land that is resulting in a notable increase in the number of Marshall County Homes. The options for moving in to this county are many: there currently are 14,861 Marshall County homes for sale, of which 1,811 are vacant housing units. Moreover, there is much more space for new homes in Marshall County, thanks to the optimal demographic conditions of the area.

Both Holly Springs and Byhalia are very peaceful and welcoming communities. Residents are truly open to receive new people that want to get involved in the city and its community. Besides that, the cost of living at Marshall County is very low, and that is also a highly appreciated thing when you’re looking for a new place to live.

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Education Options Near Marshall County Real Estate

Regarding education, Marshall County’s educational system is top notch. There are 2 different public school systems for Elementary and Secondary: Marshall County School System, operating 8 different schools, and Holly Springs School System, operating 3 schools. There are also three private schools in the county.

Marshall County has been focusing for a long time on the design of a good public school system for their children, considering this as a strategic factor for a successful growth of the area.

The county has also been focusing on the development of the artistic aspect of the area. The most notable Art Gallery in the area is the Kate Freeman Art Gallery, featuring more than a thousand paintings.

In terms of transportation, the area is conveniently connected to an important highway network, lots of rail lines and an airport. The US Highway 72 and 78 are two of the most important 4-lane highways connecting Marshall County with the rest of the state.

With such a diverse spectrum of factors that make this area an interesting option for living, and the Marshall County Home Sales market continuous growth, there are more new homes at Marshall County every day. So, consider contacting Team Couch and look at some of the possibilities, whether they are in Holly Springs or in Byhalia, which are both equally great for living in a peaceful and comfortable manner.

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