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Among the areas we serve at Team Couch in Northwest Mississippi is Marshall County. The county is named after the United States Chief of Justice John Marshall. The county’s total area is 1,800 km2 (710 square miles), and a total of 37,144 people reside in the county according to the 2010 United States Census.

The county has been experiencing the transition from farming to other uses of land that result is a higher value, such as housing subdivision. Marshall County home sales options are plenty: there currently are 14,861 housing units, of which 1,811 are vacant housing units. So there are many housing options available for you to choose from when you consider the possibility of moving here, while also the Marshall County residential real estate keeps experiencing an impressive growth. In addition, there is always space for new homes in Marshall County, since the demographic conditions are optimal.

The county’s two largest towns are Holly Springs and Byhalia. Both of them are mainly responsible for the county’s industrial and commercial growth.

There are many factors which must be accounted for when considering the possibility of moving to a new place. Here we’ll be reviewing some of these factors and why it is that we believe Marshall County might be a good choice for you.

Marshall County has a very peaceful and welcoming community. Residents are truly open to receive new inhabitants that want to get involved in the community. Additionally, the county offers a very low cost of living, which is also a very highly appreciated factor when looking for a new place to live.

The climate in Marshall County is warm during the summer, when the average daytime high is almost 90°F. In winter, the climate is mild, with an average daytime high during the winter of around 50°F. The average low during the winter is just a couple of degrees below freezing at nighttime.

Rains are distributed throughout the year almost evenly. It rains approximately 8 days a month, and the total yearly precipitation is around 55” of rain.

This comfortable and nice climate make Marshall County a very good option for enjoying a quality living, without worrying about extreme low or high temperatures at any time of the year.

Marshall County has a top-class educational system. For Elementary and Secondary schools, there are 2 different public school systems: Marshall County School System, which operates eight public schools, and Holly Springs School System, which operates three schools. Besides these 2 public school systems, there are 3 private schools.

The county leaders have been focusing for years on designing a great public school system for providing the students with the education they need in order to become productive members of society. The 8 schools that are operated by the Marshall County School System are: HW Byers Elementary and Middle School, HW Byers High School, Byhalia Elementary, Byhalia Middle School, Byhalia High School, Mary Reid Elementary School, Potts Camp School, and Galena Elementary School.

On the other hand, the Holly Springs School System focuses on educating students in such a way to allow them to compete in the global community. The facilities that are operated by the Holly Springs School System are: Holly Springs High School, Holly Spring Junior High School, Holly Springs Intermedia School, and Holly Springs Primary School.

The private schools emerge as a possibility for those who prefer private education over public schools. The private schools located at Marshall County are: Friendship Christian Academy, Holy Family School and the Marshall Academy. All of them operate from Kindergarten to High School.

As for college education, Mississippi is well known for providing great higher education possibilities. There are eight different Universities all across the state, with the most notable two being the Mississippi State University and the University of Mississippi, which are both close to Marshall County. There is even one major private college (Rust College) located within the county.

In summary, the most important Universities that are close to Marshall County are:

It’s the second oldest private university in Mississippi. Founded in 1886, it currently has academic programs in the humanities, technology, social sciences and business.

Ranked by Forbes in the Top 25 Public Universities in the United States, the University of Mississippi is less than 20 miles south from Marshall County.

Mississippi State University is a famous public University that has gained international respect. Its strengths are in business, engineering, life sciences, agriculture and veterinary medicines.

Northwest Community College’s main campus is located at Senatobia, which is only 15 miles west of Marshall County.

Marshall County has a rich cultural agenda. So, if you are interested in art and culture you certainly won’t be disappointed while living here.

Holly Springs has a very rich history, and it is reflected at its two city museums: the Marshall County Historical Museum and the Ida B. Wells – Barnett Museum.

The Strawberry Plains Audubon Center annually holds the Hummingbird Migration Festival, an event that gathers thousands of visitors every year in order to see those tiny birds.

Regarding art galleries, the most notable is the Kate Freeman Art Gallery, that features more than a thousand paintings.

Regarding transportation, Marshall County is very conveniently connected to a great highway network, an airport and lots of rail lines. US Highway 78, US Highway 72 are two of the four-lane highways that connect Marshall County with the rest of the state.

As to Airports, there is one within the Marshall County: the Holly Springs-Marshall County Airport. The nearest major airport is Memphis International Airport, which is located at only 45 minutes from Holly Springs.

With plenty of real estate for sale in Marshall County, added to the great living conditions that this county has to offer, the possibility of contacting a Marshall County realtor and start exploring specific chances to live here appears as one great option for you when considering moving to a new place. Here at Team Couch we can provide you with the best possibilities for buying a home in Marshall County, so look nowhere else!

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