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Holly Springs is the county seat of Marshall County. The county borders Southern Tennessee and offers easy access to larger surrounding cities including Memphis.

Back in the day, cotton plantations were popular in the area. It took place just around the Mississippi Delta. Holly Springs is a popular trade center, and has housed court sessions for years. In total, this has 12.7 square miles or 33km2 of an area.

Holly Springs Offers Small Town Charm

By the numbers, there’s decreasing number of population from 2010. As what the census stated, the entire city has a population of 7,699.

It went down when compared to the census conduced in 2010, which had a total of 7,957 in the early 2000s. The city has a lot of African American and Whites, it’s the two major races in Holly Springs. Asians, Latinos, and Pacific Islanders are also residents in the city, but only take up the small portion.

In 2010, the census has stated that there were 1,699 families. In addition, the households during that year are at 2,407. As for the density of the population, it had 626.3 in every square mile.

The people living in Holly Springs has an average age of twenty-nine years, and the median household income was $23,408 per annual. Also, the city had 2,582 housing units as well.

Buying A Home In Holly Springs With Families

If you plan on looking for Holly Springs real estate for sale, you’re going to love its educational system. The go-to location in the city is the Holly Springs School District. 

You can find public and private elementary schools, high school, and even up to tertiary educational schools in Holly Springs. Senior students can apply to Mississippi Industrial College and Rust College as these two colleges are two of the best in the area for higher education.

To name a few school in the city, we have, Holly Springs High School, Marshall Academy, and Galena Elementary School.  To see a full list of Marshall County Schools, click here.

Purchasing Holly Springs Property For Sale Is a Wise Investment

This is considered to be in the heart of Marshall County, and it’s also considered to be the reason why Marshall County’s popularity is steadily increasing. Holly Springs, despite being a small city, boasts a rather stable and growing economy.

There are quite a lot of good businesses supporting the city with great infrastructure. In addition, it holds all of the significant social facilities.

Properly constructed roads, smooth railroad system, well-kept airports, and great water system support on the Mississippi river.

These key things make sure that the residents are provided with all the necessities, including great transportation facilities.

Holly Springs does not limit its services in the area of education. The city has built a reputable name for their scholastic system, it also encourages residences to interact with different cultural background. This makes a well-rounded community for growth and learning.

Traveling from one place to another is quick, and hassle-free. Surely, with all of these benefits, owning a property in Holly Springs is a wise choice.

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