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If you are looking for a family-friendly place to live that is also close to some major cities, then DeSoto County is the place for you! With a population of about 169,000, this county is bustling and growing. Contact a real estate agent in DeSoto County to get more information about this amazing suburb of Memphis!

DeSoto County Mississippi is located in the northwest corner of Mississippi, near the Tennessee and Arkansas borders. Nestled close to the Mississippi river, you can expect beautiful scenery and weather year round! For more information on DeSoto County, visit their website at http://www.sodesoto.com/.

Within DeSoto County, there are five beautiful cities, each with their own charm. Southern charm, that is. The five cities that comprise DeSoto County are Hernando, Horn Lake, Southaven, Walls, and Olive Branch. Each of these cities has a vivid history and all of them are only a 15 to 20 minute drive to Memphis. In Memphis there are so many things to do that you will never be bored! From Graceland to museums to nightlife, there is something for everyone to enjoy! If you are a gambler, you will be happy to know that the 3rd largest gambling district in the United States is nearby in Tunica!

Along with many things to do nearby, DeSoto County has the second largest public school system in Mississippi. With 22 elementary and intermediate schools, eight middle schools, and eight high schools, you will have plenty of options. If you prefer to homeschool your children, you will be pleasantly surprised, as DeSoto County is supportive of any route you choose when it comes to education. Visit http://www.desotocountyschools.org/ or http://www.desotocounty.com/index.php/our_community/education/home for more information on schooling options in DeSoto County.

If you currently live in DeSoto County or anywhere nearby, then you already know how wonderful it is. However, if you are looking to relocate here, you will be pleasantly surprised. If you live a healthy lifestyle, you will be excited to know that DeSoto County is healthiest county in all of Mississippi! There are amazing parks and recreation programs, as well as a local Farmers Market, so you can keep up your healthy lifestyle. With year round sunshine, there will no shortage of beautiful weather to enjoy your days.

The median income for Desoto County as of 2013 is $66,377, which is the highest median income in Mississippi. So, if you are looking for work in the area, the prospects look good! Combine that with an unemployment rating of around 4.8% in 2015 and you should have no issue finding work.

If you are in the transportation or logistics industry, you are in luck! Only 15 miles away is the Port of Memphis, which is the 4th largest inland port in the United States. The Port of Memphis also ranks number one in the United States for foreign import tonnage. Getting in and out of town will not be difficult either, as there are three major highways: I-55, I-69, and I-22. Also nearby are two large airports: The Olive Branch Airport and the Memphis International Airport. One more great thing about DeSoto County is that close by in Memphis is the number one cargo hub in the world! Visit http://desotocounty.com/economic-development/logistics-transportation/ for more in depth information.

Once you have found a job and fallen in love with the area, it’s time to find the perfect place to live! With so many neighborhoods to choose from, the first decision you need to make is what area in DeSoto County you want to live! Here are the websites for each of the major cities in the county:

Each of the five cities offers their own unique benefits, so it may be hard to choose where you want live. Contacting a DeSoto County realtor may be your best option, as they will know more about the areas, and they will be able to lead you in the right direction. Price is obviously a factor, and only a real estate agent will be able to go over those options with you thoroughly. There is a lot of real estate for sale in DeSoto County, after all!

Once you find the perfect place to live, you will need to worry about the more boring aspects of moving, such as utilities.

There are three electric companies that supply electricity to different parts of the county. If you are looking to move on the eastern side, then you will need to get in contact with Northcentral Electric Power Association. If you are looking to move to a more central location of Desoto County, then Entergy Corporation is who you will contact. Finally, if you are moving to the western side of the county, Coahoma Electric provides service to a portion of the county there. Water and sewer services are provided by each municipality.

Also, if you already live in the area and are just looking to move or sell your home, a real estate agent can help. With a growing population in DeSoto County, you will have no trouble finding someone to sell your home to! If you are in the market for something other than a house, talk to your real estate agent about Desoto County real estate for sale. This is also true if you are looking for a corporate office or industrial building.

With all the wonderful things in DeSoto County and nearby, who wouldn’t want to live here? You get the southern charm of a calm suburb, but you are lucky enough to be near a bustling nightlife and the one and only Mississippi River. With lots of sunshine and water nearby to fish and spend time outside, you will never want leave. It will be like a vacation every weekend. If this sounds like the life you have been searching for, get in touch with a real estate agent today, and begin the search for your dream home!

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