Coldwater Home Sales Are On The Rise!

coldwater home salesColdwater is a historical and charming town within Tate County, in Northwest Mississippi. Here we will explain some of the reasons why the Coldwater home sales market is showing such impressive growth rates during the last few years.

The town was originally founded in 1856, as a village originally named Elm Grove. Following the construction of the Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad, lots of different business and houses developed along both sides of the tracks. By the end of the 19th century, began increasing its population thanks to an influx of people from North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Virginia.

The population density in Coldwater is 705.5 people per square mile, which is much more than the average of the county. But it’s not overpopulated either, making it a very interesting option for a place to live in. The town has experienced an almost 10% growth in population since the year 2000, which means that it’s clearly showing signs of growth and development.

If you’re considering moving to Northwest Mississippi, this is one of the best options you will find. Coldwater’s homes for sale spectrum is large and diverse. There are lots of large and beautiful homes for sale in Coldwater just waiting for the right buyer to show up.

Why are people interested in Coldwater Homes for Sale?

The proximity to Memphis (only 35 miles away), makes it possible for many Coldwater residents to work at Memphis, which has a lot of job opportunities, as happens to be the case with most major cities. But the town of Coldwater itself has been showing an important job growth of almost 5% during the last few years.

Another major advantage of considering Coldwater as a good option for you to live is the cost of living. When compared to the rest of the US, the cost of living in this town is around 25% lower than the country’s average.

Living in Coldwater ensures a secure health care, with many high rated hospitals operating in the area. The most important are North Oak Regional Medical Center and Baptist Memorial Hospital – Desoto.

Find Your Family A New Home In Coldwater!

Regarding the education of your children, the entire Northwest Mississippi region is covered by great public education systems. Coldwater is served by Tate County School District, with more than 3000 enrolled students. The Coldwater Attendance Center has a very good reputation and also good female and male basketball teams. There are also many school options in the neighboring cities, especially in Senatobia, which is only 5 miles away from Coldwater: the options there are Senatobia Jr/Sr High School, and Senatobia Elementary SchoolSenatobia Middle SchoolIf you’re looking for a private education for your children, you should consider Magnolia Heights School, which is also located in Senatobia.

As you can see, Coldwater may be just that one place you’ve been searching for as the perfect town to live in. With plenty of job opportunities in Memphis, good education options for your children, and a continuously growing Coldwater Home Sales market, there are more and more new homes in Coldwater that can be bought at more than affordable prices. 

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