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One of the areas we serve at Team Couch is the beautiful town of Coldwater. Coldwater is a small, charming and historical town within Tate County, in Northwest Mississippi. The name of the town is due to the fact that it’s located at about 2 miles south of the Coldwater River. The town began in 1856 originally as a village named Elm Grove, and after the construction of the Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad, a wide variety of business and houses started developing along both sides of the tracks. Coldwater was originally located in the DeSoto County, and when a new county was created in Mississippi in 1873, the town became a part of this new Tate County. By the end of the 19th century, Coldwater started to increase its population due to an influx of people from Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. During the early 1940s, the town moved to about a mile from its original location.

The population of the small town of Coldwater is 1674, with a population density of 705.5 people per square mile, which means it’s far more densely populated than the average of the county, which is about 63 people per square mile. Coldwater has experienced an almost 10% growth in population since the year 2000, which means that even though it remains being a small town, it’s clearly showing signs of growth and development. There is a lot of real estate for sale in Coldwater, making it an interesting option that must be considered if you are thinking about moving to Northwest Mississippi.

Since Memphis is only 35 miles away from the small town of Coldwater (half an hour drive), many of Coldwater residents work at Memphis, which as happens with all major cities, gives a lot of job opportunities. But Coldwater itself has shown a recent positive job growth, increased by almost 5% during the last few years. Besides the job opportunities, another good reason for choosing Coldwater as your next place to live is the low cost of living. Compared to the rest of the United States, the cost of living in Coldwater is about 25% lower than the country’s average.

A city’s climate is always a big factor when it comes to deciding if you’d like to live there or not. And Coldwater is great on this aspect. The weather is warm during the summer and mild during the winter, with an average temperature of 80°F during the summer’s peak (July) and 40°F during the winter’s coldest month (January). The daily highs during the hottest part of the summer are not more than 90°F, while the daily lows during the coldest part of the year are not lower than 30°F. Precipitations are a bit higher than the country’s average, and are distributed more or less evenly throughout the year: an average of 5 inches of rain fall every month.

Living in Coldwater ensures a great health care, since many high rated hospitals operate on the area. The most important are the Aseracare Hospital-Senatobia, the North Oak Regional Medical Center, and the Senatobia Convalescent Center and Rehab, all of them located at the neighbor city of Senatobia.

Another important factor that always needs to be considered when moving in to a new place is the education system what you’ll find for your children. The entire Northwest Mississippi region is covered by good public schools systems, and Coldwater is no exception. The town is served by the Tate County School District, which has around 3000 enrolled students. The most important public school is the Coldwater Attendance Center, which besides having a very good reputation in terms of education, also has very competitive basketball teams (both female and male), with their teams winning the state championships in more than one occasion. The school has also made it into the state championship in track several times. There are also many school options for your children in the nearby cities, mostly in Senatobia: the public school options there are Senatobia Elementary School, Senatobia Middle School, and Senatobia Jr/Sr High School. All of these schools are in Senatobia, which is only 5 miles away from the town of Coldwater! If you’re looking for a private education for your children, you should consider Magnolia Heights School, which is also located in Senatobia.

As for college education, there are also many options available for your children’s higher education. The nearest college is the Northwest Mississippi Community College, which is located within the Tate County at only 5 miles from Coldwater. The other close universities are the University of Mississippi, which is located at 50 miles from Coldwater, and the high reputation Mississippi State University (MSU), which is situated 150 miles from the town of Coldwater.

Despite being such a small town, Coldwater has been the home to many notable people during its history: Pullitzer price-winning historian Dumas Malone, professional wrestler James Kamala Harris, baseball player Don Castle, blues singer Bill Coday, and NFL Linebacker Cameron Lawrence were all born on this beautiful charming town.

In summary, it can be concluded that Coldwater may be a great place for you to live if you’re looking for a peaceful and charming little town. With plenty of job opportunities in Memphis, you can work there and drive less than half an hour to get to work, and at the same time live your life within superior tranquility. A good education for your children and a top-notch healthcare system is also assured when you’re a Coldwater resident. With plenty of homes for sale in Coldwater, you won’t have a problem finding the house of your dreams there. Simply contact a real estate agent in Coldwater and start looking for your own new home in Coldwater. Here on our website you will find a list of vendors Team Couch works with on this area!

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