Looking At Property for sale in Byhalia?

Mississippi has a low-populated town that can be found within the Marshall County called Byhalia. As the matter of fact, Byhalia, Mississippi’s numbers are quite low at only 1,302. This has been confirmed by the 2010 census.

Most of the time, Byhalia is often mispronounced by tourists. This is properly pronounced as bye-HAY-yah. Its location can be found north of Mississippi, and it has an approximately 2.9 square miles of total land area.

Interestingly, the place was named after “Bihalee” which is a creek word, and it’s combined together with the word Dai-yi-il-ah, that carries the meaning of “White Oak” in the place of Chickasaw.

Why Are People Looking At Byhalia Real Estate?

Byhalia, Mississippi is known to be an important trade center in the area. This is because of their impressive transport network that covers rail, water, and even road transport systems.

In their years, they’ve become more diverse with their features. Purchasing a property for sale Byhalia would be ideal if you are looking for a comfortable lifestyle.

As of this date, the town currently holds more than 275 homes, and its population density is at 246.8 in every square mile. In addition, the average age that resides in Byhalia is 35 years-old with an annual income of $35,313.

The place is known to boast good infrastructure and housing, along with several conveniently-located hospitals within the city. It doesn’t lack in educational facilities either – as a matter of fact, there are quite a few commendable schools in Byhalia. This starts from primary education going up to tertiary institutions.

Well-known schools in the locality are Byhalia High School, Northwest Mississippi Community College, Friendship Christian Academy and Byhalia Elementary and Middle Schools. These institutes have made a name for themselves throughout their years of service.

Aside from the town’s beautiful households and facilities, it has an incredible record with its crime rates. It’s a clean, well-kept city with low unemployment rates as well.

It has the perfect weather conditions at an average of averaging 90F, the locals are in love with the town’s humid air environment. There are low instances of natural disasters, too.

Not only is the town environmentally ideal, it also offers several entertainment spots for the residents. This ranges from peaceful parks to grand hotels, it’s a great place to stay during free time.

Lastly, the commute from home to work only takes about 27 minutes. The town has set up the perfect setting for you without any stress or hassle – there’s a lot of Byhalia property for sale to choose from.

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