Looking to buy a home in Byhalia, Mississippi?

Byhalia is a small town in Mississippi located within the Marshall County. According to the 2010 census, the town has a population of 1,302. Located to the north of Mississippi, Byhalia is pronounced as ‘bye-HAY-yah. It has a total land area of 2.9 square miles or 7.5km2 in accordance to the United States Census Bureau statistics. The name was borrowed from a creek word Bihalee and the word Dai-yi-il-ah that mean ‘White Oak’ in Chickasaw.

History and Growth of the City

Failure to rotate crops and continual tobacco planting depleted land in the neighboring areas, spanning North and South Carolina to Virginia and Georgia. This saw farmers emigrate to north Mississippi with land near the Pigeon Roost Road (traversing Memphis, Oxford and Pontotoc) making for early settlements at the crossroads.

Demographics and Education

As an important trade center, Byhalia grew to feature a diverse transport network comprising rail, water, road and air transport systems. With whites and blacks making up the town’s major races, Byhalia has grown over the years in terms of development and population spurred by many factors such as immigration.

The town has more than 275 households and a population density of 246.8 in every square mile. Byhalia has at least 300 housing units, median age of 36 and median household income of $35,313. In addition to having good infrastructure and housing a number of hospitals and medical centers, the town boasts of good schools from primary and secondary to tertiary institutions.

Byhalia High School, Northwest Mississippi Community College, Friendship Christian Academy and Byhalia Elementary and Middle Schools are some educational facilities to consider for your child.

Why Invest in Team Couch Homes for Sale in Byhalia

Byhalia is a small town with fast growth and a stable economy. It is served by good infrastructure and has important social amenities. Good roads, a railroad system, an airport and water transport on the Mississippi River ensure that residents can easily move from one place to another. Goods can also be ferried between different places. Increased immigration to the town means there’s a rising need for property for sale in Byhalia.

Byhalia is home to some of the best public and private schools where residents can have their children get education. Whether your children are in elementary, high school or tertiary education level, there’s a school in Byhalia for them. The town is also home to people from different backgrounds, making it multi-ethnic hence an ideal residential community.

Crime and unemployment rates in Byhalia are very low. The town boasts of beautiful weather with humid air conditions and temperatures averaging 900F. The incidence of natural disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes is very low in the area. Trinity Mission, Dove Health, Baptist Memorial Hospital and Collierville are some of the top hospitals serving the town.

The town also booms with great entertainment spots (hotels and restaurants, parks, etc.) to unwind during your free time. With an average commute time of 27 minutes, you don’t have to worry about getting to work late. What’s more, you can invest in at least one of the many neighborhoods with modern real estate for sale in Byhalia.

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    5 Tips for Buying a Byhalia Property for Sale

    A lot of money goes into buying a home in Byhalia. Although you can buy a property on your own, it’s wise to use the services of a Byhalia realty company. Here are tips to help you invest in the town’s residential real estate.


    Hire the Services of an Experienced Real Estate Agent in Byhalia

    An experienced realty agent can save you from the time you’d spend visiting one open house to another and even guide you through the whole property buying process. An experienced realtor in Byhalia knows the value of property in the local market hence knows when homes are overpriced to advice accordingly.

    The agents can preview homes on your behalf, send you MLS listings that meet your search parameters and know Byhalia home sales not yet on the market. Realty companies can save you expenses on fuel by taking you on tours of open houses. Moreover, the professionals can help identify property issues you might ignore.


    Source Pre-Approved Mortgage Loans

    Know in advance how much you can afford to buy a home before you start finding one. You need good credit rating, proof of income, documentation, proof of assets and verification of employment to secure a pre-approved mortgage. There are many local mortgage companies that can give you the loan you need to buy a home in Byhalia.


    Search for a Property to Buy

    Since Byhalia is home to many real estates and neighborhoods, finding the right home can be a daunting process. Team Couch, your Byhalia residential realty agent, can respond to all your queries on a particular home and even schedule for viewing. With a couple or three tours of properties, you should be able to pick your ideal home to buy.



    With a buying decision made, you need to negotiate the selling price and make an offer to the seller.


    Inspect the Property

    Inspecting the property helps identify any faults that might call for repair or renovation. It’s also possible for you to request the seller to repair identified problems instead of backing out of the contract.

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