Have you just bought a new home and are now wondering how long before you would have to replace present appliances and systems? It would be really nice if we could buy a home appliance, like washer, and not worry about replacing it. Obviously that’s not possible. With time and regular use, appliances start showing signs of wear and tear. And then their mechanical parts break down, and you need a replacement.

Of course, this happens with every mechanical purchase, for instance, a car. After running for so-and-so miles, the car requires maintenance: realignment of the breaks, oil change, and replacement of tires, among others. After clocking many more miles, a time comes when the car’s performance is hardly satisfactory and then it makes more sense to replace it with a newer, better machine.

This is equally true in case of common home appliances, like the air conditioner, dishwasher, oven, furnace, etc. When these appliances have been used for several years, their parts develop a snag here and a glitch there because of wear and tear.

This is absolutely normal, but wouldn’t it be really great if you could know in advance how long an appliance will last? Equipped with this information, you can then effectively budget for a fresh machine or ensure there’s a home warranty active before it goes kaput on you. 

Covering your home with a suitable home warranty is really advantageous, irrespective of whether your home is new or old. It allows you to get an old appliance—even the expensive ones—up and running without spending much.

Listed in the next section is a table which shows the average life common home appliances, information which will be just as handy for someone building a new home as for current homeowners.

Information is given on most, if not all, commonly used home appliances, such as washer and dryer, oven, dishwasher, fridge, etc. Along with this information in the table, we have listed the amount you would have to pay on average to replace each of these appliances and systems. With that said, keep in mind if there’s a home warranty in place, you can replace or repair these items for less than $100.

Average Life Span—and Cost to Replace—of Household Systems & Appliances

Whether you are purchasing a new house or building a new home, it is important to know how long your appliances and systems would last and how much it would cost you to get them replaced.

Check out the average life expectancy, as well as cost to replace, of common household systems and appliances.

appliance lifespan

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