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Why you should consider moving to Tate County?

Tate County is situated in the Northwest portion of Mississippi and is named after one of the first settlers, Thompson Simpson Tate. Tate County is home to approximately 27,000 residents who love their county and welcome anyone who wants to live a peaceful life out in Tate County. 

Tate County residents are welcoming to the people who want to come live in the community. After all, if you are considering moving, you have to consider more than just a nice looking home!

Let’s see why Tate County is a strong candidate for becoming your new home!

1. Schools Are The Best

Tate County has some of the best schools, both private and public, for your children. The schools have been awarded some of the highest honors in the country and community colleges for higher education are also available.

The Tate County School district makes sure that it prepares its youth for the upcoming challenges in life and produces some of the brightest students in the country.

If you want a good future for your children, Tate County deserves a look.

2. Tate County is strict on cleanliness

Tate County residents and the local government take the visual appeal of their town very seriously. There are ordinances that provide guidelines for proper disposal of waste and property upkeep. The parks and recreations department makes sure that all playing fields and parks are well maintained and open to the public any time they want.

3. The government takes care of its residents

All owners of Tate County properties can rest easy that any sort of problem with the water or public works will be taken care of immediately. There is also an annual drinking water report that is available for public access through their website to reassure you that you are drinking safe water.

The Tate County administration works hard for its residents. 

4. Beautiful living

Living in Tate County is one of the most peaceful experiences. The county has a beautiful urban and rural lifestyle and you will enjoy every second here. Taking a walk after work will become routine and barbecues in the park are a must on Sundays.

You can wake up every morning in your Tate County home and smell the fresh air that blows in from the surrounding areas. The active lifestyle is here too. Tate County is home to a lot of athletic fields for youth sports and easy access to public parks.  

5. Growing community

Purchasing Tate County Real Estate is a good opportunity to invest in an area that is up and coming. With more residential areas under construction, people will be moving into the area and increasing the value of the land here. Buying now is a good investment for your future. Seize the opportunity while you can.

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