Hernando, MS Real Estate

Why Should Hernando, MS be your new residence?

The City of Hernando is named after the explorer Hernando DeSoto who was credited for discovering the Mississippi River in an unexplored North America. Hernando has seen a large increase in population from 2000-2010 as more and more people consider moving here. The city has been listed in Money Magazine’s 100 best places to live, and has been featured in The Great American Small Town series produced by CNN.

If you are looking to move to a new city, Hernando is the place that you should consider. Here’s why you should look in Hernando when you’re looking for DeSoto County Realty

1. You Will Feel Right At Home

Hernando’s new home owners are welcome in the community. Hernando residents are generally people who like to be involved in the community.

The Hernando town square is home to the county courthouse and is canopied by large trees. Not only will you marvel at this historic structure, but more than likely you will attend many community events that happen year round on its lawn. You will not feel alone in this wonderful city.  Hernando was ranked one of the best cities for families.

2. Great School System

The DeSoto County School District holds a very good ranking among the school systems in the country. If you are looking for a place where your children can have a great education and plant strong roots, Hernando is a great choice. Hernando Real Estate agents can help you find homes near the best schools in the city.

3. Good Housing Options

Hernando properties for sale include both historic and traditional housing. With the town’s humble beginnings, they have very well-preserved historic sites and homes. People looking for traditional architecture as well as old style homes can be found in Hernando.

4. Lower Tax Rates

Hernando residents get to enjoy lower municipal tax rates than the rest of Desoto County.  Senior citizens moving to Hernando can benefit from a break on the homestead property tax with the first $75,000 on the property being exempt.  Also, because you are in Mississippi, the sales tax rate is only 7%.

5. You will enjoy walking around the city

Hernando Real Estate agents are lucky that they have such a beautiful and well planned city to work in. People coming here will love the small town atmosphere. Take a walk in the evening and see the beautiful sunset in Hernando that will take your breath away.

Due to the visionary leaders of Hernando insisting on keeping the heritage sites intact, you will have a lot to see and do around the city. Take time to learn about American history and town settlements. Parks are available for recreation purposes and add to the beauty of the city. Sunday barbecues aren’t uncommon here either, grab your apron and get grilling for your friends and family.

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