The outdoor season is finally here and you’ve probably been spending time in your yard making updates.  Adding a fire pit to your back yard offers year round fun and relaxation.  According to a survey done by the American Society of Landscape Architects, 97% of homeowners want fire pits included in their backyard design.

Why do homeowners want a fire pit in the backyard?

Besides adding a warm ambiance, fire pits also offer a vertical focal point to the yard.  When laid out properly, the area can bring attention to the architecture of your home and landscape.  The area becomes an outdoor area for family and friends to gather and relax while enjoying the area.

An added bonus to having a fire pit is that they help keep away outdoor bugs.  By adding bug repelling plants to the surrounding landscape, such as Citronella, you can ensure that the area is naturally bug-free.

You Can Build A DIY Fire Pit!

You don’t have to bring in a professional team to build a fire pit for you.  There are many how-to videos online to help you build your own DIY fire pit!  This how-to video from Lowe’s can get you started building your own fire pit!


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