Selling your home is one of the overwhelming decisions one can make. In order to sell a home quickly and recognized in top listings of homes for sale in Desoto County, there are some areas that you will decide to remodel to improve your home and make it suitable for your buyer tastes.

Below are 8 areas to remodel your home and guarantee you offers from buyers.

1. Kitchen

Most families envision themselves in the kitchen cooking meals and sharing heart –warming stories. If the kitchen is in dire need of repairs, it’s bound to look unattractive and unappealing. In this case, it would pay off for one to roll up their sleeves and do some major improvements before listing your home for sale. A tired and worn out kitchen will detract significantly from your home and minimize chances to sell your Desoto County home. At the same time, this isn’t the time to go all out with renovation to upgrade your kitchen to an upscale luxury kitchen because you won’t see a return on your investment. Instead, you should concentrate on a minor kitchen upgrade by replacing cabinets by resurfacing which is inexpensive or painting a trendy color, countertops, sinks, installing pre-rinse faucets which are popular and flooring as needed. Also if affordable, upgrading your kitchen with energy-efficient appliances will make your kitchen more appealing to buyers who are energy-conscious and want to use less energy which has less impact on the environment.

2. Bathroom

Bathrooms are significantly important to prospective house hunters. If your bathroom is looking grungy and needs sprucing up, a new paint job and having the grout professionally cleaned will give it a new lease of life.  If the space is small, painting the bathroom a lighter color will make it seem bigger than it actually is.   Replacing the tile, upgrading the medicine cabinet, replacing light fixtures and painting the bathroom in a different wall color will make the bathroom pop. Replace old shower doors and if you don’t have shower doors, consider installing them to give your bathroom a new look. If one is able to afford a second bathroom, it will be a significant improvement if your home only has one bathroom.

3. Master Suite

Master suite addition in your home can add to its desirability. Creating a master bedroom, master bathroom, and a sitting area can appeal to people of all ages. Don’t forget to think about making a bathroom handicap-accessible for a broader appeal as it caters for all, making it easy to sell a home quickly. Paint your walls in a neutral and soft color that is inviting and will stir the buyer’s imagination. 

4. Lighting

Carefully go through your home to eliminate the outdated lighting and replace them with current and attractive light fixtures that will update your home giving it a modern appearance of the homes for sale in Desoto County. Track lighting, ambient lighting and even LED lighting appeals to many prospective buyers.  When you update the existing lighting it has an additional benefit of not spending a ton of money on new and attractive fixtures.

5. Landscaping

The curb appeal which is the perceived appearance of your appearance from the street can make or break how people perceive the home for sale.  If the current landscape needs some help it is prudent that one set aside some time to renovate the current landscape by planting trees and creating new flower gardens. The addition of landscape lighting serves to create focal points in the yard. Existing plants should be trimmed back so they’re not overgrown and look unkempt. The old mailbox should be replaced to match your new house style.

6. Exterior

The exterior of the home also falls under the same category as the landscaping – improving the curb appeal mentioned earlier. If you have wood siding or wood decks, a new paint job will do wonders. New vinyl siding is another remodeling design that would appeal to many prospective buyers due to the decreased maintenance. Whatever you decide to upgrade on the exterior of your home, remember – neutral is the key to selling your home. This isn’t the time to go for bright colors such as burnt orange or lime exterior on your house. Instead, keep the colors neutral and warm – think pastels, with coordinating trim. Replacing the windows on your home will appeal to many buyers, especially when you choose high-efficiency windows. Even replacing exterior doors can sell a home quickly by improving your home’s curb appeal to appeal to prospective buyers.

7. Deck

The deck addition in the backyard lends appeal to many homes for sale in Desoto County. Space for outdoor living, dining and especially barbecues is an increasingly popular way to spend quiet time at home with the family. Decks can either be simple or complex. A fancier deck might have multiple levels, a built-in fire pit, a lounge area and even an outdoor kitchen if you wish to splurge.  To realize more profit from the renovation when selling your home, opt to save some expense by doing as much of the construction work yourself.

8. Interior

The interior walls of your home could be spruced by a fresh coat of paint. Outdated wallpaper should be removed. Choose a neutral palette for your interior rooms, avoiding brash or bold colors as you prepare to repaint. Consider removing dated carpeting or flooring in bedrooms or living areas, and replacing it with hardwoods or tiles that appeal to most buyers. For the creation of continuity of design and to sell a home quickly, many realtors recommend single, neutral flooring throughout the main floor of a home.

In conclusion, before beginning any remodeling work and putting up your home for sale, it’s recommended to consult with a licensed real estate professional in your area for improvements to your home and also talk about the work you are considering to get input about current market conditions of the homes for sale in Desoto County.  The realtor through expertise will be able to advise you on how to sell a home quickly, what is attractive to buyers and which improvements to undertake to improve the value of your home. The realtor will also calculate precise numbers on how much value you can expect to add to your home for any specific remodeling you are considering.

Given the above, planning meticulously and getting expert recommendations, you are on your way to selling your home after performing beneficial remodeling.

Team Couch