When the time comes for the final walk-through of your soon-to-be new home, it is easy to get excited and overlook some of the details that you would have normally caught.  While there are a large number of things that your Realtor will help you check off the list these are the top 5 things that you should be sure are done before you sign the closing papers.

  1.  Make sure the home inspection is complete and that you understand what the report means.  Having a home inspection will save you the headache of finding major repair issues down the road.  If the home inspection finds major issues, these should be addressed with the seller prior to doing the final walk-through.
  2. Make sure all negotiated repairs are complete.  During the final walk-through, pay close attention to the items that the seller agreed to repair.  Now is the time to bring up any incomplete repair work.
  3. Make sure all fixtures and appliances are still in place.  These items include shower heads, appliances, and light fixtures.  Some times sellers take these items with them – even though they were supposed to come with the house.  If the fixture or appliance was in place during the showing, it is expected that they come with the house.
  4. Make sure everything works!  Check the appliances and make sure they are all still working properly.  Don’t forget the ice maker and dishwasher.
  5. Check for leftover items from the seller.  The home should be empty when you do the walk-through.  Make sure the previous seller didn’t leave anything behind.  It is their job to remove the clutter (unless it was negotiated differently.)

Your Realtor can help guide you through this process.  Let Team Couch help you find the home of your dreams!  Contact us today!

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